मुख़्तसरसी बात है…


मुख़्तसरसी बात है,
तू जो सूनले तो मैं केह दु।

तेरी होठोंकी लालिसे,
और आँखोंकी गहराईपे,
ना कोई नझ्म लिख दु,
मुख़्तसरसी बात है…

चंद लम्होकी मुलाक़ाते,
बाकी बेचैन तनहाईकी
कोई गझल ना केह दु.
मुख़्तसरसी बात है…

तेरे आतेही बढ़ी धडकने
और सांस रुक गयी तो,
उसे रुबाई न बना दु,
मुख़्तसरसी बात है…

घुमाकर न अब करते हैं बात,
इश्क़का इजहार अब,
तू जो कहदे तो मै कर दू।
मुख़्तसरसी बात है,
तू जो सूनले तो मैं केह दु।

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  1. Ufff….is mukhtsar si baat mein kitni gehrayi hai…..LOVED IT.

    1. Adi Sathe says:

      Thank you so much for such a kind words

  2. anupriya says:

    As a teenager and a young just in her 20s I really loved reading poetry. But now I just dont seem to have the patience. Yet enjoyed this one. I request or suggestion, have you ever considered reciting these pieces and uploading the audio file also along with the text?

    1. Adi Sathe says:

      Thanks for such a lovely suggestion… Will think about it. I do present them at various events though…

  3. Beautifully penned. Oh really, It is mukhtsar si baat. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Adi Sathe says:

      Thanks for such kind words

  4. Wah wah! I imagined a deep voice reading this for some odd reason. 🙂

  5. sushmitamalakar says:

    Very beautifully written!

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