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मुख़्तसरसी बात है…


मुख़्तसरसी बात है,
तू जो सूनले तो मैं केह दु।

तेरी होठोंकी लालिसे,
और आँखोंकी गहराईपे,
ना कोई नझ्म लिख दु,
मुख़्तसरसी बात है…

चंद लम्होकी मुलाक़ाते,
बाकी बेचैन तनहाईकी
कोई गझल ना केह दु.
मुख़्तसरसी बात है…

तेरे आतेही बढ़ी धडकने
और सांस रुक गयी तो,
उसे रुबाई न बना दु,
मुख़्तसरसी बात है…

घुमाकर न अब करते हैं बात,
इश्क़का इजहार अब,
तू जो कहदे तो मै कर दू।
मुख़्तसरसी बात है,
तू जो सूनले तो मैं केह दु।

#LatePost Sorry guys, I missed the Monday post. Uploading this today.

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14 thoughts on “मुख़्तसरसी बात है…

  1. As a teenager and a young just in her 20s I really loved reading poetry. But now I just dont seem to have the patience. Yet enjoyed this one. I request or suggestion, have you ever considered reciting these pieces and uploading the audio file also along with the text?

  2. Loved these lines. They have a charm within which make you dwell in the emotions conveyed by them. I love those beautiful urdu words which bring a soft dreamy like state while reading the poem. Beautifully created

    1. “मुख़्तसरसी बात है” I got this phrase from Gulzar saab’s interview when he was stressing on the use of words from one language in your work over using words from some other language

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