बारीश और तुम #३


धुँवाधार बारिश है ये, थमने का कुछ नाम नही,
पहाडोसे बिछड़नेपर, शायद फुटके रो रही।

हम तुम भी तो बिछड़े है, महीनोसे ना मिल पाए,
इन बरसते बादलसीही, क्या तुमभी बेहाल हो?

जब हवा बादल उड़ा लाई, तबसे ये है जान गए,
मुलाकात अब पहाड़की, अगले साल ही नसीब है।

ये कंबख्त नौकरी जब, दूरी हममें डालती है,
आहे तुम भी भरती होगी, जुदाई बड़ी लम्बी है।

पानी छोड़ो हल्के होलो, झटसे फिर ऊपर जाएंगे,
शायद बादलोने सोचा हो, क्या ये फिजिक्स पढ़े है?

तुमभी यूँही सब करती हो, बससे सफर जब चालू हो,
समान छोड़ू, उतर जाऊ, लेने आओ  कहती हो।

बादल और पहड़की ये, कहानी सदियोंकी है,
सालाना जब बारिश हो तब, बादलकी शक्ल रोनी है।

ये बादल जब रोते है, मन उदास हो जाता है,
तुमसे फिरसे मिलनेमे, अबभी दो माह बाकी है।

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बारीश और तुम #२

कल रातकी बारिश कुछ बूंदे छोड गयी है, वहा खिडकीकी चौखटपर ,
मेरी कलाई की घडी मे फसी तुम्हारे कुर्तेके कुछ रेशमी धागों जैसी।

मेरे कंधेपे सर रखकर अपनी उँगलिसे मेरे सिनेपे तुमने जो लिखे थे,
वो अल्फाज अपने नाजुक हाथोंमें समेटे, देखो वो पल घूम रहे है मेरे इर्दगिर्द।

जालीम हवा झोका कुछ बुंदोंको चौखटसे गिराकर गया है अभी अभी,
जैसे वक़्तकी टिकटीकाती सुइयोंने बडी बेरेहेमीसे तुम्हे मेरे बाहोंसे छीना था।

कुछ और भी बूंदे शायद शहिद हो जाती उस बेरहम हवा के झोंकेसे,
पर तुम्हारी यादोंकी तरह उन्हें भी बचा लिया है मैंने।
खिड़किया जो बंद करली है मैंने कमरेकी, और दिल की भी।

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बारीश और तुम #१

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हर पल जब असमान से कुछ बुंदे मेरे उपर गिरती है,
दिल के किसीं कोनेसे तुम्हारी आवाज आती है।

मेरा गिला बदन तुम्हारी यादोसे मेहेकता है,
मानो महिनोसे झुलसे हुए मिट्टीपे पेहेली बारिश गिरी है।

कभी बिजली कडकती है, और मै भी थोडा कांपता हू,
मेहसूस करता हू, जैसे तुम कांपके मुझसे पिहली बरसात मे लिपटी थी।

तुम्हारा गीला बदन, अभिभी मुझपे ओढे इस खिडकी मे खडा हू,
रसोईसे आती गर्म कॉफी की खुशबू आज भी तुम्हारेही पसंदकी है।

खुले खिडकिसे कोई बुंदे जब मुझ पे आंके गिरती है,
तो दिल की किसीं गेहराईसे तुम्हारी आवाज आती है।

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Zero Hour

32385700640_ce730110ab_k-840x420It was around 2130 hours, Major Vikram rallied the bravo company around him to prepare for an ambush. Everyone on the team was already briefed and was aware of their role in the mission in the evening. Intel was heavy and solid this time. Group of insurgents was mobilizing in the forests on the other side of the border. It was moonless night, perfect opportunity to cross the border. Everyone on the border posts was alert. Major and his team at their base were getting ready, communications were getting double checked.

Major and his team at their base were getting ready, communications were getting double checked. Ammunition was loaded in a set pattern, supplies were checked. Final cleaning and assembly of their weapons of choice completed. Soon the table was cleared of all backpacks, ammo, and weapons. Major came forward and a map of the area was unfurled on the table.

Major re-briefed the plan. The border was sealed any way at every post. Every pair of eyes was vigilant for movements across the border. Strategically a gap was created in the border detail to serve as a funnel. Right across the gap, there was an open patch, big enough to dig the graves of all insurgents. Surrounded by all sorts of covers and high ground, as if they were created for this ambush only. Major had done the recce and identified the position of his troops. All the birds knew their nests. Everyone had already memorized the details of every cover and open grounds in the zone. their minds have carried out the action already in the mind space. Routine night petrol was going to be there on the regular schedule. Major asked if anyone have a doubt, none responded. Heads nodded and gathering dispersed.

Everyone was keeping their calm and there was pin drop silence. The only thing you could here was ticks of the clocks which team had already synced together at re-briefing. Radio came to life and chattered about the routine petrol communications. Everyone in the company sprang on their toes. Bravo company was cleared to start setting the ambush. Zero hour has started.


Today is the last day of A to Z challenge with Blogchatter, day 26. Z is for “Zero hour. You can find my other posts from this challenge here.


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Y is YouTube

YouTube_logo_2015.svgAround 15 years ago, if someone told you about sharing video over the internet you would have had a good laugh about the idea. But three guys from PayPal dreamed about this and first ever video sharing platform of internet era was launched. In 2005, the launch of YouTube hit the world and opened a big avenue of expressing the thoughts in form of videos. YouTube spread rapidly amongst youngsters and some bloggers upgraded themselves as vloggers. 

Books, Fashion, Food, Self-help, Comedy, Art, DIY… you name it and YouTube will find hundreds of videos on that subject. A lot of independent creators have come forward and started their own channel. Now you don’t need big production house to create your film. Even your phone camera can do the trick.

Now in 2017, I doubt there is hardly any urban youth in India who haven’t subscribed to at least 10 YouTube channels. High-speed internet connectivity is not an issue anymore in India with 3G network connectivity. Even 4G is spreading its network rapidly. This has given a big foothold for YouTube community in India. I personally have subscribed around 60 channels who are creating amazing contents on so many diverse topics from around the globe. YouTube has made it possible to see what guy or girl from another part of the world.

Let me tell you about my favorite YouTubers from my following list.

Arriel Bissett A booktuber from Canada who is equally crazy about the books like me…

Casey Neistat is a New Yorker filmmaker who is most consistent in daily vlogging. This guy had set a bar very high for all those daily vloggers.

Savan Dutta, Bengali Singer, composer and songwriter who has music blog named The Metronome

Shankar Tucker is a clarinetist and composer who has worked with so many artists around the globe. Do check out his videos for amazing songs.

Nerd writer is the channel for you if you like to enjoy the word plays or orations and rhetorics are your things. He simply breaks down the speeches, dialogues, and movie scenes to the level where you feel it all ‘elementary’

Prajakta Koli will never fail you if you are looking for the funny side of your daily lives with her channel Mostly Sane.

Maati Baani is a musical duo of Nirali Kartik and Kartik Shah creating and spreading music amongst all with collaborating with artists from every corner of the globe.

Are you a foodie? then Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube is the perfect place for you. What did you say? you would love some drinks with the food? Here you go guys, Jaime’s DrinksTube serves you amazing mocktails, cocktails and other drinks to quench your thirst.

Hey, girls, interested in some fashion tips and styles? Sejal Kumar from Delhi will tell you all. Her travel vlogs are also very interesting.

Guys, you want the full package of fashion, books, tv, movies and music favorites every month? then go check out Manchester girl Hannah Witton‘s monthly favorite.

Hope you like their work… Don’t forget to add your favorite YouTubers in comment bellow. 😉


I am participating in A to Z challenge with Blogchatter and this is my take on day 25 challenge. Y is for “YouTube. You can find my other posts from this challenge here.


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E(x)press yourself

Image credit to Mina’s blog

It’s very regular day, you get out of your house for your daily routine for the first time. Maybe for a quick run or cycle ride. Maybe you are out on the way to your office. You come across “official” graffiti on the walls of public facilities as an official promotion as an artwork. Sometimes, preaching some social message or just some casual artwork. But in ancient Greece, when commoners didn’t have any choice to raise their voice to the elites who had all the powers to decide the futures of commoners. Graffiti came to their rescue as a medium to put out the social concerns and political rhetorics on behalf of commoners.


I think even before entering any kind of formal social structures during the evolution of humanity, we always felt the need to express ourselves. We expressed with various pictograms, we painted the walls of caves narrating stories of our daily life of a hunter-gatherer. Slowly with the evolution of society, our interactions increased and we started having dialogues. Exchanging the thoughts amongst each other, we started to create more detailed paintings describing our social activities like festival celebrations, social dances, feasts.

As we discovered our ability to speak, we quickly developed our languages and soon we got so many ways to express ourselves. We started telling stories, songs got created. We can’t even count the number of books even from a single language which is known today. We express through paintings, sculptures, dance and facial expressions. We have developed so many art forms just to satisfy our urge to express.

Still many of us lack the ability to express their thoughts in public so they turn to the diaries, journals. Those journals are their den. There are so many introverts in this world who keep expressing their thoughts for the audience in their cocoon. Sadly, many thoughts are just suppressed inside with tight lid on them. Some thoughts are not socially acceptable. For example, here in India, we have big no-no for social or public mentions of intimacies. Everyone is ready to gossip. It’s a guilty pleasure. Nobody wants to accept it publicly. This social pressure tries to put many such thoughts suppressed within. “लोग क्या कहेंगे” is the biggest worry for us Indians.

The Sad part of the story is some people couldn’t find the safety valves for their trapped emotions, thoughts and the urge to express is killed accumulating tremendous pressure within. If the consciences are strong for the person, he or she will rebel against the social norms and create something constructive with that pressure. But in many cases, this pressure cripples the person and the vicious cycle of depression starts.

The urge of expression is the soul of life and when this urge starts dying because of depression, one looses the soul. That soulless body will live the life till nature ends it or he or she takes the final step. Let’s try to help these souls, let’s take a step ahead and be more open to all thoughts. There is no harm in listening to someone. No harm in reading a book which has been created with so much effort. So just keep doing guys, express yourselves, you will be heard.


I am participating in A to Z challenge with Blogchatter and this is my take on day 24 challenge. X is for “E(x)press yourself. You can find my other posts from this challenge here.


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