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सांगेल कोण याला


वारा पहा सुटावा, का आज या घडीला,
अंगात आग लागे, सांगेल कोण याला…

मृद्गंध दरवळुनी, का हो छळी मनाला
मी दूर आज आहे, सांगेल कोण याला…

हा जीव वेडावतो, पाहून पावसाला
विरहात मी बुडाले, सांगेल कोण याला…

Poetry recited by Aditya Sathe

Phonetics in Roman Script

Vārā pahā suṭāvā, kā āja yā ghaḍīlā,
aṅgāta āga lāgē, sāṅgēla kōṇa yālā...

Mr̥dgandha daravaḷunī, kā hō chaḷī manālā
mī dūra āja āhē, sāṅgēla kōṇa yālā...

Hā jīva vēḍāvatō, pāhūna pāvasālā 
virahāta mī buḍālē, sāṅgēla kōṇa yālā...

Rough English Translation (non-poetic)

In Marathi, many words are masculine which have common gender in English. This has made the impact of the poem in Marathi, wind, fragrance of soil after rain and rain are masculine words so as her partner.

So below is the translation.
Why the wind is blowing at this hour?
It put my body on fire, Who will let him/it know?

The fragrance of a wet soil which otherwise pleasant is torturing my heart, today, we aren’t together, Who will let him/it know?

My mind goes crazy when I see rain,
But today I am longing (for his company). Who will let him/it know?

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7 thoughts on “सांगेल कोण याला

  1. See the irony…very water that can douse the fire is making the flame of longing burn all the more stronger and brighter.
    Pithy one!

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