Together and happy

It ended up being a long Friday at work. Rakesh was frustrated as he missed his date with his wife. They have been looking eagerly forward to it and planning to make it perfect. He cursed the most important client call for this and left for home. He had not seen Kavita so disappointed even in their 7 years of togetherness. They both have been so busy with work lately. They were not able to find the time for each other. This date was the salvation of that longing and this long client call screwed it up entirely. He was feeling guilty after he listened to her feel so disappointed.

He was fearing the empty look on her face. She was mature enough to understand that his call was an important one. Somehow, he managed to finish the call and get in the car. There was nothing fancy like candle light dinner or some pub night planned for the date today. It was his idea. He had planned to make it cool. They were going to head to the beach in the evening. Long walks on the sand were her favorite soul searching recipe. Sitting behind the wheel, he was lost in finding the way to break the void in her mind. The beep on his phone brought him back to reality.

“Get home soon, something is waiting for you.” His heart missed a beat. He knew that the sooner he gets over with this, the better it will be. ‘7 year’s of experience is really a good teacher’. He turned the ignition on and put his foot on the pedal. ‘Better don’t think about what are you going to get at home. Focus on the road’ Rohan from his minds-palace cautioned him. He drove home silently without his routine driving playlist.

He parked his car in the garage. He took the stairs to reach his floor. Keys in his hand froze in disbelief, the door was wide open. His living room was lit with dim lights from candles. He was ‘stunprised’ by Kavita’s gorgeous avatar in a black evening gown. Their favorite corner window was all set with cushions, coffee and copies of their favorite book for ‘buddy reading’. She had taken a step forward to their salvation of the lone times. He eased from the cease of surprise. He dropped his bag and keys and almost ran to her and pulled her into his arms. Their eyes met, lips smiled as they were genuinely happy.


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  1. This is such a beautiful take on the prompt.Modern relationships are wobbly because of increase social media usage and lack of time due in the race of financial independence. Surely requires two people to work things out.

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