Table for two

Sketch by Natoly

It’s 9-30 am, first Sunday of August. Hakuna Matata is a cozy little place on the busiest part of the town. It’s famous in the town for their delicious breakfasts and amazing coffee. Being early Sunday morning, streets are rather quiet. As luck would have it, it’s drizzling. Just like a year ago. Kishore is waiting for Ramaa, right at the corner, where he was waiting last year, in blue denim and white shirt. White and blue, her favorite combination. They had planned this celebration breakfast last week only. It was his idea to celebrate the anniversary on first Sunday of August rather than on the date. Kishore knew he is 15 min early as usual and Ramaa is going to be late. She loves to make him wait.
Kishore enjoyed these waits, even today, he is imagining how her entry would be. Will it be like it was a year before, or will there be something different? After sharing nice friendship for a couple of years, Kishore has opened his heart on the first Sunday of August last year. Kishore’s mind flew back to last August.
Kishore was very nervous when he reached the cafe. He had decided to take this step with a tension of losing her friendship. He had arranged morning coffee with the very specialty of Hakuna Matata, delicious crisp parmesan omelet. He knew her love for cheese and coffee. He was dressed in very casual jeans and a t-shirt. He had booked the table by the same window out of which he was waiting very eagerly.
After making him wait for half hour, Ramaa showed up at the place. They shook hands, followed by side hug and he led her to the table he had kept ready for them. Soon they were seated, the waiter greeted them and served the coffee. Ramaa was shocked by this prompt service. Hakuna Matata was famous for delayed service. It was the exact reason for it being famous among couples and people who wanted to have long chats. Aroma of coffee hit the brain and she thanked Kishore for coffee and sipped it. Kishore was almost frozen in his mind as the moment of confession was nearing. He was almost silent.
Ramaa on the other hand, unaware of the storm in his mind, was busy chattering as usual. But suddenly it ringed in her head and she paused. She spanked his hand and asked, “Kishore, what’s happening dude, not a word since I am here? Have you left your tongue at home?” and suddenly he burst out, “Ramaa, will you be my girlfriend? I love you very much”
This was not anything like Kishore had imagined. The moment passed, words were out and now he couldn’t change it at all. He was cursing his tongue, why didn’t he just kept silent like he was before. His face was almost flushed with helplessness. Ramaa was also stunned and jaw dropped for a second and the wave of laughter hit her. She was laughing like mad. Kishore was getting restless with her laugh. He was about to leave the table to hide. Suddenly, Ramaa stopped laughing. She held his hand and she said: “I love you too, Kishore”. Kishore relaxed instantly and color returned to his face. She held his hand and pressed warmly.
The warmth of hand brought him back to present, Ramaa was standing next to him in a white dress with blue floral design. Her face was glowing with a beautiful smile. He welcomed her with a warm hug. He presented her a bouquet of white lily and took her in the cafe. Kishore had reserved their “Table for two”


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Let me go

Let me go, Let me fly – by Jack, Massachusetts, USA

Sameer was trying to get the task done. He has been struggling with this particular task since last morning. He was about to lose his calm if he couldn’t crack this in next half hour. This was a really unusual thing as he was popular for figuring out the quick solutions about the task which were stuck at a point. But was it really the eluding solution was bothering him? Or was it something else? Was it what happened a day before with Sneha? Yeah, it was about her. But exactly what part of their conversation bothering him so much that he couldn’t focus on his work?

It’s been two years for Sneha and Sameer started dating. Some six months before they hunted for cozy little apartment and moved in together. It was not all lovey-dovey in these two years but they have managed to make it up to each other. They fought, even for the silliest reason but they also know when to raise a flag for peace. They both have been working in the same company when they started dating. Within a couple of months, Sneha got a good deal at other MNC and she grabbed the opportunity. Sameer strongly supported her in arriving at the decision of switch. They adjusted their life around the new change. Spending lesser time together was really tough but they got used to it.

A day before, Sameer finished his work rather early and took Sneha’s favorite flowers just to make her happy after a busy day at her office. It was new project Sneha was leading. Just like every other new project, initial hick-ups were resulting stressed end of the day. So once at home, he tidied the rooms, nicely arranged the flowers in vases Sneha bought when they moved in together. He got up from the sofa and Just when he got messaged from Sneha “See you in 10, dear”. He knew nothing but strong hot coffee will make Sneha happy. As soon as she smells that aroma, her stress is, Puff!!!! Gone……

Exactly in 10 minutes doorbell rang, Sameer opened the door by the rule they have set. “If another person is at home, one will not use the key to open the latch.” Sameer was happily shocked to see happy, smiling, bubbly Sneha at the door. She had brought a box full of sweets. She came in almost pushing Sameer out of the way. Opened the box and fed him the sweet. She was surprised to see the flowers and felt amazing when the aroma of brewing coffee hit her brain. Sneha refused to tell anything before they settle in with the coffee. Sameer hurriedly pours their mugs and they settled in the sit out. Sneha excitedly pulled the envelope out of her bag put it in his hands. Sameer opened it with excitement. It was a letter from her company. He was thrilled with excitement to know about the content of the letter. He read it and his face lit with joy. He felt so happy for her getting selected for on-site assignment for their new project which she was leading. They celebrated the offer in the excitement.

It took a couple of hours for Sameer to realize that this was going to be the long assignment. Just when they returned from the club, the fact of 5-6 month long on-site assignment was sinking in Sameer’s head. He was quiet when they were getting back. Whenever he is upset, he goes in this introvertive cocoon. He almost stops talking. Replies in one or two words. Sneha had sensed the reason behind his silence, but she had chosen not to push him. She knew he will take his time to get back.

Since then Sameer was struggling to accept and get himself ready for such a long break. He knew it was going to be the toughest patch in their relationship. He was not sure about how he is going to handle. From yesterday morning, Sameer was trying to figure out how to make these six months livable. Sneha also knew that he is not going to stop her from taking this assignment. Just when Sameer was about to call it a day and head home, his phone beeped. He checked the notification. It was a video message from Sneha. With his finger tap, Sneha appeared on screen with perfect puppy face, saying “Let me go, dear.” Sameer had found her answer.


I am participating in A to Z challenge with Blogchatter and this is my take on day 12 challenge. “L for let me go”

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Together and happy

It ended up being a long Friday at work. Rakesh was frustrated as he missed his date with his wife. They have been looking eagerly forward to it and planning to make it perfect. He cursed the most important client call for this and left for home. He had not seen Kavita so disappointed even in their 7 years of togetherness. They both have been so busy with work lately. They were not able to find the time for each other. This date was the salvation of that longing and this long client call screwed it up entirely. He was feeling guilty after he listened to her feel so disappointed.

He was fearing the empty look on her face. She was mature enough to understand that his call was an important one. Somehow, he managed to finish the call and get in the car. There was nothing fancy like candle light dinner or some pub night planned for the date today. It was his idea. He had planned to make it cool. They were going to head to the beach in the evening. Long walks on the sand were her favorite soul searching recipe. Sitting behind the wheel, he was lost in finding the way to break the void in her mind. The beep on his phone brought him back to reality.

“Get home soon, something is waiting for you.” His heart missed a beat. He knew that the sooner he gets over with this, the better it will be. ‘7 year’s of experience is really a good teacher’. He turned the ignition on and put his foot on the pedal. ‘Better don’t think about what are you going to get at home. Focus on the road’ Rohan from his minds-palace cautioned him. He drove home silently without his routine driving playlist.

He parked his car in the garage. He took the stairs to reach his floor. Keys in his hand froze in disbelief, the door was wide open. His living room was lit with dim lights from candles. He was ‘stunprised’ by Kavita’s gorgeous avatar in a black evening gown. Their favorite corner window was all set with cushions, coffee and copies of their favorite book for ‘buddy reading’. She had taken a step forward to their salvation of the lone times. He eased from the cease of surprise. He dropped his bag and keys and almost ran to her and pulled her into his arms. Their eyes met, lips smiled as they were genuinely happy.


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The Sticky

It’s me, The Sticky, who is the reason behind keeping the bond of love and care between Neha and Sumedh strong. They can’t even greet each other on weekdays. But I do it for them on their behalf. She brought me in this Flat No. 701 of Paradise apartments some 9 – 10 months back. It all started when Sumedh got his promotion letter. A year’s hard work had paid off and gave him good hike in the package, but it also put him on rotating shifts.

Tension rose up initially as they had to adjust to this new routine. Not able to spend the time with loved ones was taking a toll on the fun and joy they used to have till then. They started having fights over small issues. Suddenly it struck to Neha and enter, me, The Sticky. It was some routine weekday, they had their usual mix of tension and fight over some nonsense issue on WhatsApp. When she came home, he was sleeping. His meal was untouched.

She relaxed at home, had her meal, plated for him and put it in the oven. Pulled me out of her bag. She had thought about this while leaving the office. She had pitstop at stationers and picked me, some color pens and some fun stickers. On one part she wrote big ‘sorry’ with sad smiley face and put it on his mobile screen. Another said about the meal plated for him, another part of me was talking sweet things to him from his coffee mug. She finished the last one with ‘XOXOXO’ and stuck it to their photo frame.

She changed and went to bed. She started the dialogue in a new way. When Sumedh woke up on his routine time and checked his mobile, Neha said sorry to him from the note. He got up and turned on the coffee machine in the kitchen. He pulled the mug from the shelf which was saying how important he is to her. It also hinted about the love they share since the day they met for the first time. He had his meal after heating it in the oven when Neha told him about it. He couldn’t stop himself when he saw the hugs and kisses she left for him on the photo. Engineer in him picked up the pen and put the( )^2 around those XOXOXOs. And sorry note took place on Neha’s screen as he walked out for his share of work.

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