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“Throw Away” Culture

To gather knowledge by parking yourself within the four walls of your home is complete bliss. On one such heavenly weekend, while surfing on Facebook I came across a post about an aged couple. The scene went this way that, on the special eve of this couple a young chap from the audience wished to know the secret therapy behind the long bond of the couple. On which the old fella came with an answer which would sweep us off our feet. “Fortunately in our age broken things used to get repaired.” Was what he answered.

The answer was indeed thought provoking and my mind started churning the concept which is quietly setting a massive trend amongst nascent generations today. The word compromise and adjustments seems to have long lost their presence in peoples’ dictionaries. Once broken, it’s time to throw away has now become the new motto of people as they fail to look on the brighter side of life.

The veteran lady was talking sarcastically about human relations but certainly this use and throw culture has made some serious impact on human intellects through our habits of throwing goods and gadgets instead of trying to get them repaired. The trend of use and throw goes a long way.

On this note, Shreya Gupta, young software engineer, said “I remember the time where we used to have those 2-3 rupee’s pens which immerged in market in our school days. Of course there must be some other expensive use and throw gadgets in market, but being school students, stationeries were our shopping. This use and throw started from pen and now reached to all expensive gadgets like mobile phones. Even companies intend to make their product to last for shorted durations these days. People fail to understand the importance of essentials in life as they are aware that they shall be provided with humongous options which are widely available in the market.”

 Sarang Ganoo, who has his own research on these design process, put forth his point by saying that, “The foundation of a congenial business venture relies upon right philosophy, follow certain ethos and need a sense of purpose. These three things  produce  meaningful  products  which  are  less  likely  to  land  in  landfills, invariably contributing to a sustainable society.”

He further stated that, “We have started introspecting profits in everything rather than cherishing some of the memories attached to these elements. Things bought a few days back soon find their place in the dumping yard as we fail to understand how equally important it is to cherish things and try and analyse as to how they can be repaired for better use. Even though gadgets are in fine condition they are becoming toys for small kids just because of being out fashioned. Purely because of low resale value things are getting dumped in landfills. Even things we use in day to day life come with tagline of “Use and Throw”. Refilling, Reusing and recycling are just words to be used in conferences and talk shows. No one practically works on it.”

People have money, the can buy things so even they don’t bother to shun things away. These throwing habits have made a glorious entrance in household kitchens as well. Having multi-cuisine buffets on occasional parties is becoming status symbol. Ajinkya Rahalkar; hotel management student; who have access to backstage of such high class buffets, said “Hosts really don’t care about food wasted in such parties as far as their high status is flaunted before guests. Food for 100 people is ordered for 50 guests. Even guests feel their plates as if they are seeing food after ages.”

Now days these use and throw things have started showing their effects on our mindsets. On one side we are getting socialized in virtual world, however our tolerance level is receding to an extent that people are drifting apart.

Talking about the changing face of cultural trends Reena Tirodkar, young mother, said “We are following western culture blindly where commenting on how to continue relation it is preferred to think more about self independence, enjoyment, freedom. Commitments, sacrifices, compromises are too old fashioned”. While Sheekha Verma from Delhi takes us to very different side of the issue saying “Actually it’s not ‘use and throw’ policy that people do. It’s like, people keep relationships on hook, and they use them as per their needs and sometimes when it’s not even a good match to get out of the misery, they are going to try everything on the hook. It’s like a piece of half blunt pencil, u have a choice to sharpen it when required”

“If broken, throw away” has become mentality of young generations. That old couple in FB post was talking about relations in young generations sarcastically. Divorce rate is at really alarming stage. We are not ready to accept that others also have some views, their own wishes. Try it, if it works out smoothly, its good or just get separated try with other partner. This is becoming trend now a day.

This intolerance is taking its toll also on other relations in family. Teenagers are drifting away from their parents just for not granting their wishes for trendy gadgets and latest fashions. People stop caring about their folks soon after they realize we are no longer dependant on them. Old age homes are increasing day by day. Over frivolous reasons, siblings pledges to stay away from each other.

On the whole this concept of use and throw is rapidly seeping into our culture and creating loopholes which will eventually take a serious turn. It is time to calmly ponder over this issue, and try and question our conscience as to whether we wish to repair our lives or let our relations rot in the bin of time.

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2 thoughts on ““Throw Away” Culture

  1. First thing is you have placed each and every word so nicely to express thoughts.
    And yess, that old man really slapped todays generation with his one liner sercasm…
    He must be from Madhali Aali, Ratnagiri 😉
    People opinions made this article lettle lenghty (and so my comment ;)) but those are issential, I understand.

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