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The Sticky

It’s me, The Sticky, who is the reason behind keeping the bond of love and care between Neha and Sumedh strong. They can’t even greet each other on weekdays. But I do it for them on their behalf. She brought me in this Flat No. 701 of Paradise apartments some 9 – 10 months back. It all started when Sumedh got his promotion letter. A year’s hard work had paid off and gave him good hike in the package, but it also put him on rotating shifts.

Tension rose up initially as they had to adjust to this new routine. Not able to spend the time with loved ones was taking a toll on the fun and joy they used to have till then. They started having fights over small issues. Suddenly it struck to Neha and enter, me, The Sticky. It was some routine weekday, they had their usual mix of tension and fight over some nonsense issue on WhatsApp. When she came home, he was sleeping. His meal was untouched.

She relaxed at home, had her meal, plated for him and put it in the oven. Pulled me out of her bag. She had thought about this while leaving the office. She had pitstop at stationers and picked me, some color pens and some fun stickers. On one part she wrote big ‘sorry’ with sad smiley face and put it on his mobile screen. Another said about the meal plated for him, another part of me was talking sweet things to him from his coffee mug. She finished the last one with ‘XOXOXO’ and stuck it to their photo frame.

She changed and went to bed. She started the dialogue in a new way. When Sumedh woke up on his routine time and checked his mobile, Neha said sorry to him from the note. He got up and turned on the coffee machine in the kitchen. He pulled the mug from the shelf which was saying how important he is to her. It also hinted about the love they share since the day they met for the first time. He had his meal after heating it in the oven when Neha told him about it. He couldn’t stop himself when he saw the hugs and kisses she left for him on the photo. Engineer in him picked up the pen and put the( )^2 around those XOXOXOs. And sorry note took place on Neha’s screen as he walked out for his share of work.

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