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The Gift

Yeah, you guessed it right! It is really a very special day. That’s the reason behind my dressed up avatar. Otherwise, I would have been sitting with bunch of others. But, Sumit came in yesterday. His arrival was announced by the ding of the small bell attached to the door. We paused our talking and checked the door curiously. He came in and spoke something with the manager. It must be the reason for him being here amongst us. The manager directed him towards us and said, “for her with love” section. He was searching a gift for his ‘one and only’. The occasion was their first anniversary.

He started walking towards us but was acting like a child in a toy shop. Confused about where to look and what to enjoy. The credit goes to our manager. He has done his part of stocking the store with a huge variety of items, which someone can gift to their loved ones for their special occasions. Our manager has smartly put our section at the end of the shop. One has to browse through the entire collection before reaching us. He must have decided about at least 20 gifts for his friends and family for their upcoming birthdays, festivals, etc.

He reached us. I can feel his curious yet confused eyes scanning us. He was looking for something very specific. I am sure he must be having a clear idea about what he is looking for. I have seen many Romeo’s buying gifts for their Juliette’s. Every new recruit from the college nearby comes here to buy Valentine’s gift for his or her’s “someone special”. But only 2-3 successful heads return next year. However, Sumit was different. His love was tested and proven by 3 years of dating. One year of courtships and now he was about to celebrate his first anniversary tomorrow. His eyes were looking for something very special. Close to his heart. Probably very significant for their relationship. While scanning through shelves he glanced over me. Soon I could sense the glint in his eyes. But it took a couple of seconds for him to feel it. Yes, his attention moved back to me. A smile emerged on his face and the decision was made.

With the signal from the manager, I was picked up from the shelf. They dressed me up in this adorable box. He paid and we left the shop. Sumit had taken all the efforts to keep me a secret for the special moment. I think he must be a very good poker player. He concealed his excitement and joy under a mask of a typical husband who forgets all the dates and prepared himself and me for the final surprise.

I am writing this post towards #Blog&Celebrate contest by Novemberschild


Image Credit: Eryn

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One thought on “The Gift

  1. Personally, I am in agreement with your story but the way the story is narrated did not catch my attention nor the judges. There were some parts that I really liked, but overall I wasn’t much sure whether this entry would make any difference in using the prompt gift. I just simply thought it was not well written and the characters weren’t well developed. I know you can write better, this might be just the start. Good Luck and would like to read more from you.

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