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No matter what your age is, one always seek out for joy. Even in a hell hole like notorious slums of Dharavi in Mumbai, or be it some gun running country in Africa. Today early morning, Medium digest gave me little insights of those Ethiopian kids who took this joy hunt one step further. With no roads, no paved areas around, they started to find their joy in skateboarding. Started with 7 skateboards and 25 boys, they now have grown their skateboarding club with a strong foundation, officially called as Ethiopia Skate.

Indeed those kids have done a great job finding their bundle of joy in whatever they have with them instead of blaming their destiny. They made the most of the things around them and started living their dream, they turned abandoned buildings in their skating rings, started riding what they got; converting hurdles in the area in make-shift props to perform tricks.

Photo Curtsy: Daniel Reiter

Isn’t that the same thing which we all crave for? Bit of joy in every day, a reason to laugh. But we just keep making excuses for not having something and never try to look in our backpack for small treasures of joy. Many times we even forget about the things which we own; things which used to make us happy in past. Routine for life makes us a slave to money and we simply lose touch with your skills and hobbies.

I think its time to dig out some old brushes and colors to paint some pleasant strokes on a canvas or bring out an old camera to capture a few amazing moments. If you like music then just sit on a couch and play your old favorite track, lay back and enjoy the tune. Take a break and pamper yourself. Indulge in your favorite drink or a food which you can die for. These are the joys in simple things; real stress busters. I am very sure, everyone wants such simple stress busters of their own. So, find your own joy boosters. Have some fun!!!

I had published this article on my Medium blog some years ago. September was busy in terms of this blogging journey. However, last 10 days of October was quite busy at work and other stuff as if I am losing the fun in small things. Today, I found about these Ethiopian kids again. They are an inspiration for me. I am sure that you will also find their love for skateboarding inspiring.

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