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And the journey begins…

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“It seems journey just started even after 55 years of togetherness. Though I couldn’t recollect my exact feelings, as Mrs. Nandini Suhas Naik, I can recollect those li’l eyes, wandering around with all the courage I could muster while putting my very first step through this heavily ornamented heavy wooden door. In those days, with no luxury of smartphones and WhatsApp, we haven’t even spoken with each other. Just some stolen glances when your grandfather came to see me with a marriage proposal. I was hiding behind the cover of the curtain separating hall and passage leading to other rooms of my father’s house.” Nandi Aaji was telling her story to Vishavas, her 27-year-old grandson.

“My eyes used to get moist every now and then when I was getting accustomed to the traditions of Naik family. Sometimes, I think, if I would have born in this age, would it be different than those years in any way? There are some comforts, some technological advantages to bridge the gap between two houses for a newlywed bride, but I don’t think those advances will be of much help to overcome those teary moments when she misses her home, her father, her mother. You people are fortunate you have all the time to know your partner, but when I became Naik, leaving behind Deshpande part my life, it wasn’t that easy.

Don’t think I am complaining about it. I am very happy and contained for those happy days which I am sharing with your grandpa. Even though it was not customary to take the newlywed bride for an outing, your grandpa took me out, to Matheran. This trip gave us exactly the same chance we were looking to know each other as a partner for life. Indeed it was the best trip I ever had. It was that trip when I truly find my partner on whom I can rely on, in all of the lows hand highs of our lives. Those 4–5 days were the one which made my moist eyes shine again with confidence. Confidence to have a place in a new home, feeling of being part of my new family.

That was the moment of ‘And the journey begins…’. Today your Nandi Aaji telling you this, to give some foresight to look out for your own moment of ‘And the journey begins… ’ Wish you very happy life ahead. Now, go hit the bed, tomorrow is the D day. Isn’t it the way you people call your marriage day?”

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