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Shogun: Race to be the Supreme…

I just finished the third book of 2017, and I know its long way to go and reach the goal of 100 books. James Clavell had done a great job of keeping me bound to his first novel of the Asian Saga “Shogun” and not picking up some smaller book. Shogun is set in Japan of 1600. It’s huge book to finish it in a week or so, At-least for me. But it took me on such an amazing historical journey of the feudal systems of Japan.

Shogun is the story of first British naval pilot Blackthorne, who is able to reach Japanese shores. It takes us on his journey of getting sucked up in the race for power in feudal lords; Daimyōs; of Japan. European conflict between Anglo-Dutch and Spaniards-Portuguese lobbies also keep influencing the storyline as the arrival of Blackthorne threatens the existing setups of Portuguese-Spanish establishments and their trade lines with Asia. The book is full of plot surprises as everybody knows politics and race for power are never straight forward businesses.

He had managed to weave the triangular conflict between Catholics, Protestants and Buddhists terrifically in the plot of the novel. Many times, characters face the dilemma about putting faith or liege lord at first place.

He manages to make us travel all the distances, across the country, by sea, by road, through mountains, makes us stay at the huge castle. As the story starts inching towards the climax, it’s almost abrupt ending. If we consider the whole excitement he had built up for the climax, it just drops you down from the cliff and our historical journey ends with a sudden halt.

I would give the rating of 3.5/5. He looses 1.5 just because of this abrupt climax but the book is really classic read. Please do read it. You can grab your copy from following

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