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#AtoZChallange 2017 – Theme Reveal

Hello fellow bloggers and my lovely readers, this year I am participating in #AtoZChallenge. It’s about publishing posts daily based on the themes starting of containing English alphabets A to Z over the month of April, excluding Sundays. Before this challenge, I have never written anything having a deadline to complete and submit. As I am being a novice to this daily writing structure, this #AtoZChallenge is a tough job for me.

I have been writing something or the other for last 10 years. It all started with Marathi Poetry. I still remember the first ever piece I have written. It was the day of “Guru Purnima” when disciples give something as offering to their masters, teachers or guru.  I have never imagined that I could come up with something of this sort. Our college has organized a function to celebrate the day, and people are doing something or the other for the event.

Suddenly something struck in mind and I wrote a poem about the importance of Guru in person’s life composed in a very traditional meter of Marathi poetry called ‘ovi’. Since then I have picked up the habit of penning my emotions. From the poem, it went on to writing short stories, short articles about current affairs. Then started the journey on the road of blogging where we all meet and enjoy the wordy affairs.

We all live in the vibrant society. We always have a fresh stock for story ideas daily. It will be wrong to put such vibrant surrounding in a predefined mold. I am keeping myself out of any bounds of specific topic or genres, you might get a poem one day and another day will bring the story out of it. So guys, wish me luck as I am hoping to survive this challenge in my maiden voyage. See you all on the voyage, hope you all will enjoy the cruise with me.

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