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I wish i could be like…


I wish i could be like Niraj, so great but yet so simple.
Always feet touching to ground and mind flying up in sky. Even being extraordinarily talented he never boasted on it. It was really my fortune i had chance to be with him every day for 15 years.

Seems god have felt scarcity of such great soul. I really miss you Niraj..
I will be happiest person of i can be like you for just 10%.

नीरज ये शेर अर्ज है तुम्हारे लिये…

इस कदर भरी मेहफिल से निकल न जाया करो
हमसे हमेशाके लिये यु परदा न करो.
न करो यू सितम के जान निकल जाए
के गझल भी हमसे रुठ कर निकल जाए.

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