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So Kul: Her lookout about life

It was on my to – read list for long time. Finally I just finished this. Every thing is so short but still complete in itself. Sonali portrays her point of view about various things in life. Somewhere she appreciates work of good people. In other she shows her anger about abuse that women need to face in public cause of taunting. She also points out some misconceptions which are making their roots in women mind for glamour, fem or being fashionable. Such small incidents in our day to day’s life, most of the time we keep making negatives out of it. Sonali tries to take them positively. No body have life so perfect, or one can not make right for things which you feel wrong. In some of occasions they just shows her pain for those events or persons.

I appreciate her work of giving details of various organizations whose work she appreciates. It really comes handy when you are inspired about someones work reading her article about it and you are keen to know more, those details makes that search very easy. She really appreciates Policemen for their  endless work, Dr. Sancheti for his work in joint replacement field. She perfectly captured joy of finding seamless beauty  around places where she visits frequently in article describing her visit to film city.

Sonali got the skill to put her views about something in short but well contented article. Its really gives insight to see things in cool way. Its really good collection of thoughts. Hope she will keep writing her blog in Loksatta, leading Marathi newspaper and we will get second book of So Kul..

Name of Book: So Kul

Author: Sonali Kulkarni

Publisher: Rajahans Prakashan Pvt. Ltd.

Publication year: 2009

Pages: 235

ISBN: 978-81-7434-476-2

Price: ₹ 300

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