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मनातले गांव – Hidden town in my mind

I believe that everybody has their own version of Utopia in their mind. For me it’s a small town which we can see around us in real life. Its habitants are also familiar faces. Nothing fancy or extravagant. People are happy and helpful. Courteous and smiling. I always wonder why we don’t experience this in real life.

This is such a small expectation. But what we see around us is disbelief amongst each other. Grim faces of people walking around. High levels of road rage. Everything lacks a bit of happiness. I tried penning down this feeling in this poem. Hope you have enjoyed it.


माझ्याही मनात आहे
एक गांव लपलेले,
तसे दिसायला सारखेच
आपल्या भोवती असणारे.

माणसेही त्यातली वाटतात
तशी ओळखीची,
बोलतात आपुलकीने,
करतात मधून चौकशी.

एक प्रश्न पडतो मला
उत्तर मात्र मिळत नाही,
भोवतालची माणसे खरी,
अशी का वागत नाही?

Rough translation

A small town is hiding
in my mind
similar in looks
which is ahead and behind

People residing there
have faces familiar
How are you doing?
they ask, is everything fair?

It all seems merry
but I always wonder
I don’t see them around
Why real world is harder.

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