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Ekla Cholo on a path of eco-friendly habits

One evening last week, bar table discussions took an unusual turn from usual topics of economics and politics towards following rules, being sensitive to climate change and ecofriendliness. Point of the argument was how effective it is to keep walking the good path when you are seeing all the ones who are breaking rules, throwing trash and behaving wrong are enjoying life without penalty. Even socially they are not feeling shamed or looked down on. This definitely is demoralizing for a person who is walking that path towards a better future.

Every Step Counts

But let me tell you the better side of walking solo on the path of eco-friendly habits. First and foremost is the minute impact you have on this huge situation. It’s very important to account for every bit and piece of effort happening all around the globe for having a sustainable environment. There’s a very interesting story in our epic of Ramayana underlining this point. A squirrel was helping the efforts of building a bridge between Rameshwaram and Lanka with a very tiny amount of soil which it could carry. Lord Rama acknowledged those tiny efforts of that small squirrel as a vital part of construction of that bridge. So, you all who are walking on this path alone, don’t forget. Every step counts.

Self satisfying eco habits

Another equally important point is to feel content, happy and proud of yourself. You are taking these efforts of following eco-friendly habits that are going to reward you. You will have a better sleep with a peaceful mind because you have done something good. You are not taking these actions to prove something to someone else. You have started this journey because you have a sensitive heart and compassion. Many people don’t even register these things. So, give yourself one gold star for that. With this pat on the back, keep walking the same path you have started on. More happiness lies ahead of you. Don’t worry if nobody joins you. Gurudev Tagor has given us the perfect Mantra for this journey.

Jodi tor dak shune keu na ashe tobe ekla cholo re
(If there is no-one responding to your call – then go on all alone)

Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore

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29 thoughts on “Ekla Cholo on a path of eco-friendly habits

  1. Many are walking alone on the road to eco-friendly habits, its difficult sometimes but totally worth it. I am sure with raised awareness things will take a positive turn.

  2. So perfect! Why to wait for others when I can give my share no matter how small it is.
    We indeed have to take these steps if we want safe future for our coming generations

  3. absolutely true, each and every step counts. Ultimately it is your conscience you have to live with

  4. We turned to an eco-friendly life about 4 years ago. It led to a lot of skepticism from friends and family initially. But later they started praising us lol…however hardly any of them joined us…in the initiative…so yes, I guess its Ekla Cholo for soldiers of the eco-friendly movement.

  5. You are absolutely right. Every step counts. And even if others are not helping save the environment, we know that we are doing our best. Your title is perfect.

  6. This article resonated with me on so many levels. Being environmentally conscious is the need of the hour, and everyone must do their bit. #MyFriendAlexa #TinasPicks

  7. Usually, the path that leads to good is lonely. Still take that first because as you said every step counts. Very well written article and quite impactful too.

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