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While reading blogs written by different people across the world, I found many people talking about how they loved writing the letters to their loved-ones on paper and wait for the answers eagerly. Many of them show great affection to those days of penning their thoughts on paper.
But days are changed, papers are gone and digital screens are here. Entire way of communication is changed. Pour your thoughts on your screen and just click send, and puff…… Its just delivered to your loved one in a time of blink. We don’t need to wait for weeks to get a reply. Everything is now on the go. We can write on the move with help of voice recognition. And once reply is in, our digital companion can read it for us.
Many time when I read those nostalgic articles about ‘good old paper latter days’ I think they come with hidden pity about our generation who is born in digital age. I personally don’t remember using postal services for sending letters to my family and friends. We directly moved to sms chatting, online chatrooms and now to WhatsApp and other instant messengers.
I agree that we don’t need to wait for weeks for reply now. But because of this reduced time, our anxiety of not getting reply is increased manyfold. We now expect reply within minutes. If person is busy and fails to reply, we feel neglected. We get restless. And as soon as phone beeps we rush to read the reply. I don’t think that We miss anything out even in this digital world.
While writing this I am just thinking, these old folks might just be jealous of us, we don’t need to wait weeks.


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