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“Throw Away” Culture

throw awayRecently while surfing on Facebook came across post about old married couple. It was their anniversary, Young fellow in function asked about secret behind such long, happy married life. Upto this it’s quite normal story. But answer given by old fellow was really thought provoking. “Fortunately in our age broken things used to get repaired.”

“If broken, throw away” has become mentality of young generations. That old couple in FB post was talking about relations in young generations. Divorce rate is at really alarming stage. We don’t even try to compromise. Things should happen only in the way I wish or which is favourable to me. We are not ready to accept that others also have some views, their own wishes. Try it, if it works out smoothly, its good or just get separated try with other partner. This is becoming trend now a day.

It’s not only about relationships; even goods at market are now only developed with only intention to make them useless within year or so. Vehicles can’t run efficiently for more than three years, electronic gadgets can survive only for year and that too with frequent crashes. Even things we use in day to day life come with tagline of “Use and Throw”. Refilling, Reusing and recycling are just words to be used in conferences and talk shows. No one actually work on it.

People have money; they can buy things so even they don’t bother in throwing it away. These throwing habits are entered in kitchen also. In buffet parties, People fill their plates as if seeing food for first time and then just dump it in been just after tasting it. They don’t even think for second before emptying dish in trash can. No buddy thinks for poor who can’t buy bread for couple of meals in a day. These throwing habits are getting worse day by day. Lets pray that GOD will not throw is fury on us seeing our greed, lust and hunger.

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