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Here comes one more Independence Day of our motherland India. We all celebrate this day with great enthu. But in this respect we have to consider the efforts taken by many people who literally put fire on their lives… It would not be wrong if we say that these peoples live for motherland and die for her only. We only know names of very few legends. But we have to say that there are many of such heroes who’s names are not know to the history. All these heroes had done great sacrifice of their lives for freedom of this nation. This whole series started from year 1857. That was the highly planned nationwide attempt for freedom of India. But due to good luck of British East India Company, we didn’t succeed in this. There may be many reasons for this defeat. But this war gave light to the continues chain of burning carboneries…. There is great word for carboneries in Marathi; “Dhagdhagte Nikhare” All these heroes had done their work perfectly and gave birth of free India.
But even after 62 years of freedom had past, I don’t think personally that we are independent. This is not the independence which all those heroes had thought. I think that the concept of Independence which these heroes must had in their mind ” Let’s create the India which will be independent in all respect. We should not depend on any other for any of our needs”. We, the youth of India have our moral duty to complete their dream.
But i think, due to lack of awareness or teaching of false history; major part of our Strong youth is just enjoying the days of national importance as holidays. They even do not bother to be present for flag hosting any where. Even they do not think that at least wake-up early and put the TV on to watch flag hosting at Delhi. We the awakened youth have our duty to create awareness about the struggle which these heroes had fought for this Independence.
I personally request to all the youth of India; keep respect for all sung and unsung heroes of India. those who don’t want to give even this much importance to their nation; i appeal to them at least try to recall these personalities on 15th Aug. and 26th Jan.
Jayostute Shree Mahanmangale Shivaspade Shubhade.
Swatantrate Bhagavati Twam Aham Yashoyutam Vande…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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