Elections….. Carnival of the liars……………

Hallo friends… I welcome you all in my show here in the carnival of this famous city of joy. I m in front of you again, to presentthe famous show of the election which comes only after five years. But, on public demand this show may come before five years. So please keep this in mind. If you like my show; then don’t hesitate to ask our management to arrange special show. Here we go with the story…..

             “Come on my dear friends here is special announcement for you all, I had decided to take elections for the assembly of my kingdom. So I ask all heads of my departments to finalise their candidates. And I warn you all… this time I don’t want any complaint against any of you. Especially all big departments of my kingdom. Don’t take any gifts from any willing candidate. If I found this I will take strict action on them.”

            This announcement of king made great thing in all departments. Person who had not even turned up a single day for work had started claiming tickets. If they could not get it in one department they searched the department where they can get ticket. No one was thinking about the kingdom. Each was busy with their own profit and loss calculations. Finally all candidates were finalised. And all high commands take breathe of relief. Now second stage war had started. Interdepartmental war…..

            Everyone was taking all chances to put other in trouble. Headlines of all newspapers were just sayings of all leaders from different departments. “A is most corrupt in kingdom.” “P had kept whole kingdom for sell.” “X department is becoming older.” “M is not having any vision for his post.” These were just examples. Whole of the papers were full of such things. Then all started making public delighted by announcing different promises. “We will give free education.” “We will give least costs for food.” “We declare free housing for poor citizens of kingdom.” The list is endless……

            Finally day came when public voted in maximum number. And then results give the most strange result in the history of the elections……………… To be continued……

            So friends… here the show of this time ends. From the climax I think that you may get the chance to see this show again before five years this time

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