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Exit poll fever……

Hiiii friends..
Adi here again wid some of my thoughts abt elections and exit polls…
Yesterday on 13th of oct. 2009 election took place for state govt. As usual response of people was average… Around 60% voting. Though many NGO took good efforts to generate awareness regarding importance and value of individual votes people didn’t turned up for voting… This is really sad thing that one do not use his or her right to vote and then starts abusing governments like “they just only eat money as if they didn’t get food”, “No use of this foolish govt.” etc. etc.
Any ways, now till results will be out, news channel will yell out only shit…. Exit poll will banged on the viewers. But I m sure that even at this time all so called political experts are going to fail as usual. I personally feel that they are just scrap. Just become headache for 4-5 days.. They even don’t think of broadcasting any other news which are really important than these exit polls.
Even if any other nation attacks on us then also they will just keep on these exit polls to show how loyal are they for political parties.. After all they are getting paid for this. If I will be election commissioner I will ban all these crap things for sure… I just hate this.

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