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May 13th, 2008; 7:45 pm; Jaipur; Rajasthan; India. Once again terrorism strikes Hindusthan. 6 serial blasts in the Pink City (Jaipur) of India. Once again the target was to kill maximum people & call out the communal riots in Hindu & Muslims. This time also blasts took place in crowded places like bazaars and temple. More than 100 people lost their lives for no reasons. Over 200 persons are injured & got impact on their life for long time.
Let us think & predict the future of this case. For some upcoming days every one will have only topic to discuss. Jaipur blasts will be cover story for every news-letter. News channels had started to chew it like ‘Chewing-gum’. Media personals are doing their jobs of making news the story more testy and crispy very well. Reporters will be there in each hospital, putting their microphones in mouths of victims. They will be asking them “How do you feel after loosing your legs?” or “How do you feel that your relatives are dead in these blasts?”. Please sop these nonsense things for sake of victims.
Let’s consider other party concern with this case. Very important party; the security personals. They will be facing some sleepless days in their career. This work will be continued till this is the breaking news for media. They will trap some suspects after lots of investigation and hard work. After collection of the sufficient evidences they will file the charge sheet and the case will stand in court. As soon as the case stands the accused will be delighted as the trial will continue till their natural death. Till that day they will be the guest of government and will get all facilities in the jails. Though the security parties had done their job efficiently due to the delay of judgments of case will be prolonged.
Third face of the case is Government Officials. They will make visit to the place. Each and every leader from both governments; state and central; will be there to act to wipe the tears of relatives of victims. They will be asking to people to remain calm all the time. It will be very correct if we say that there will be competition in condolence the people. every one will give heartiest condolences (?) & protest this act in very harsh words. Government will announce some cash as compensation for relatives of victims. For some weeks or for month or two this topic will be in every speech of each leader. After that no one will glance at this topic.
Finally last and very important side of this incidence; the common man of Jaipur. This common man suffers a lot from each of the sides all the time. First of all he had ti face some problems due to blast. Some had lost his relatives, some may be loosing his leg or hand, some had lost his precious wealth in form of shop, vehicles. In addition to this these stupid media reporters are throwing such stupid questions on them. Some time we feel that third degree of the police is more easy to bare than these questions. Then police will interrogate them. After 2-3 days; when there will be all clear signal from all securities, political leaders will rush there and undeclared curfew will be there. Government will give cash after the investigation is completed. No one knows that cash is distributed or not. But this common man has to forget all and has to start work to earn his bread and butter for next day.
For next 2-3 weeks this will be burning issue for each one. Then again all will be calm and quite. No one could find a single line in any news paper about this blast and progress of case. I want to raise some of the points in this regards. Please think on these issues. 1) How much days India is going to just protest these acts in harsh words???? 2) Is our intelligence department is sleeping? 3) Cash announced is really distributed? 4) What should be the point of view of media about such happenings?
I request to all readers please comment on this…….. waiting for your comments.

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