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No fullstop in INDIA

Hiiii to all…..
This is the observation which fits to all parts of the country INDIA. There is no full stop in India. Works in India are never completed. this is applicable to both private as well as public sector. Let us consider Public sector first. If one road is renewed by PWD then as soon as they had finished it, water works dept. will wake up and start digging road for any renewing work or new pipeline work….. So brand new road is damaged. after water works had finished then some other dept. will start their work. If no department is working then we had many festivals in our country to celebrate. So there are pendals in the road to disturb the traffic.
This is not the case of public sector only. Same is the case of private works. Now a days outsourcing is the trend in production. Bills of many jobs are not cleared even after months after job is compleated. In case of construction work, completion crtificate is not in hand of occupents even after 3-4 years of living in building. This is the case of common man. But you will find that budget of five star hotel get finished when work comes to the staff entrance. There is lot of scrap material is dumped in backeyards of 5star hotels.
So let’s try to give fullstop to works in India

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