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Todays headline of each and every Indian newspaper must be related to fourth round of Indo-Pak summit. Pakistani Minister of Foreign Afaires has declared that there will be no firing from ‘Pakistani Army” henceforward on LOC. There will be no breaking of sees fire from their side; he also declared that they will set up enquiry for this case. He also declared that terrorism is the biggest problem for both countries. So we are ready to fight against terrorism together with India. He also protested the blast in Jaipur. Our Minister of Foreign Affairs said on this that he think that Pakistan is ready to continue the summit in peaceful environment free from terrorism.I am in doubt for the trustworthiness of Pakistani statements in the regard of terrorism and Indo-Pak summit. At the time of Agra Summit, Pakistani Prime Minister had given same kind of promises. Did they stand firm on their statements? After Agra summit only, Kargil encroachment took place. Wasn’t it the worst backstabbing? Pakistan is becoming expert in backstabbing day by day. I think that it is competing with China in this case. But this is sad thing that everyone is egger to backstab India. Why? Why we are relay on their fake statement s each and every time?

They had promised for operation against the terrorists. But these will be nothing but the fiction. They had given such promises at least twice in every year. But still terrorist camps are active in Pakistan itself and part of Kashmir which in captured by them. Even their intelligence agency ‘ISI’ is very active in distributing terrorism in India in various means. It supplies ammunitions and money to terrorist. Also train them in all kind of wars. So how can we believe on their government?????????

Till date they had not released Sarabjeet. I personally think that they are waiting for our decision in case of Afzal Guru. If we release Afzal then only they will release Sarabjeet. But there are some hopes as Sarabjeet’s hanging is postponed. But it is Pakistan and no one can trust them.

On one side Pakistan is trying to become innocent in front of World by saying tat it will fight with terrorism. But on other side Pakistan have very dark face of terrorism. Many terrorist camps are running with full thrust and with active support of Government in form of ISI. Indian is very strong than Pakistan in war affairs. That’s why they are not daring for war with us. So they are taking shelter of terrorism and hidden wars. But we had proven that we are very strong to fight with any kind of wars.

At time of Kargil war they had started action after summit but now see their two faces. They are giving way of dust-been to the seas fire agreement and firing on our army and on other side trying to become innocent by keeping discussion and summits on. I think that these are tears of crocodiles. I we believe on them this dirty crocodile of terrorism will not leave us live. So better just be prepared for worst case. Best of luck to our defiance forces in advance……………….

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