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150 years ago

150 years ago; May 10, 1857; the golden day in Indian history. The spark of first war of Indian independence got ignited by person whose name become brand for all warriors in that war; Mangal Pande. This spark then grew to flame and whole India was burning with the desire of throwing eac and every British out of India.
Nanasaheb peshwa, Rani Laxmibai, Tatya tope, Mangal Pande, Veer Bagoji Naik were some of the diamonds who gave their lives for this motherland. Numbering become usless to count the number of warriors of Independence war who gave their topmost sacrification to show their respect and affection about their great motherland.

First decade of 20th century was the peak time of freedom fight in India. At the same time Swatantryaveer Savarkar sails to den of devil; England. He started fight for Indian freedom from Britain itself. In early days he gathered all the evidences about First Indian War of Independance from India Office Library. The he created a book named ‘ Indian War of independance 1857’. This book was the Bhagwatgeeta for the freedom fighters in India at that time. This book was translated in all regional langauges by the leading freedom fighters in respective regions. In 1908, on May 10th. Veer Savarkar selebrates golden jubilee of the War of Independance in India House, London.
Today; May 10th, 2008; after 150 years of the war; did we even know hte names of the real heros? Did we remember them as the idols for their great sacrification? Or even we think to take our nation to the topmost position in world as per their dream???
Let we take pladge on this ocasion; We the Indians will follw the path of truth and make our country proud. We will take this motherland to the topmost glory.

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