My prism

I had lost my precious prism,

which, from a temple, I had stolen.

Since then,

Butterflies from my eyes flew off and they are gone,

Dousing the sparkle on dewdrops that once brightly shone

Now grass is just green and sky is a blue shallow,

And my fellow humans had lost their rainbow glow.

Yesterday, a kid came bubbling with laughter.

Eyes full of amusement and constant chatter.

“Hey isn’t it amazing?

the sky is not blue, and grass is no green.

Humans are of rainbows,

this, have you ever seen? “

Her question got me amused,

Is it my prism which she used?

How many are still there?

Prism of the temple chandelier?


This is my first ever attempt to take classic Marathi poetry to you guys who can’t understand the language. This is my attempt to translate “माझा लोलक” by legend शांता शेळके (Shanta Shelke), renowned Marathi poetess and songwriter. She has given so many classic songs to the Marathi language. Here is the original poem too for you guys…

देवाच्या देवळातून चोरून आणलेला लोलक, हरवला माझ्या हातून.

तेव्हा डोळ्यातली फुलपाखरं उडून गेली,

आणि विझली पाण्याच्या थेंबातली इंद्रफुलं.

आता गवत नुसतंच हिरवं दिसतं, आणि आभाळ नुसतंच निळं.

घराघरांना, माणसांना फुटतच नाहीत इंद्रधनुष्याच्या रेषा.

परवा एक पोर आली उड्या मारत,

हातांचे पंख पसरून डोळे विस्फारून खिदळत मला म्हणाली,

गम्मत बघ, गवत हिरवं नसतं, आभाळ निळं नसतं

आणि माणसं असतात इंद्रधनुष्याची बनलेली. माहितीये तुला?

माझा लोलक हिला कुठे सापडला?

देवळातल्या झुंबराला किती लोलक आहेत अजून?


I am participating in A to Z challenge with Blogchatter and this is my take on day 16 challenge. “P for Prism”


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