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It was a pleasant morning. I was snuggled under the blanket on my bed. Though it was around 9 in the morning, my eyes refused to open. I heard the curtains open. I knew that she will wake me up soon. My senses were tingled by a fresh smell. She must have finished her bath. Slowly I felt the warmth on my neck. Sunrays kissed me through the open window and I opened my eyes. I stretched myself under the blanket. She sensed my movements and turned around to greet me good morning.

As seconds passed, her blurry image became clearer to me and everything paused. My darling. She was right there, just at my arm’s reach. The first thing in the morning is that I see her. The chill in the air, the warmth of sun rays on my neck had created a special atmosphere. Straps of her sheer dress slid down on her arms, allowing her milky smooth back to get soaked in the warmth of the sun. Her hair tied in a bun. Light coming from the window behind her was casting a heavenly glow her face. Wide smile spread on her face as she saw me awake, “Good morning honey” brought me back from my early morning musing.

Model: Snehal Deshmukh

Photographer: Sandeep Khade

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