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Kathakaḥ… #BlogchatterAtoZ Theme Reveal 2018


I bet, there won’t be a soul on earth who haven’t heard a single story in a life. When you are born, your life starts with listening to a story. You are introduced to this amazing form of narration by your own kathaka, Your Mother. As you grow old, many more storytellers take the stage to entertain you.

Personally, I am very fascinated with the stories and the art of storytelling. So to give a tribute to the art of storytelling, I present you 26 pieces on the short story collections by 26 amazing authors around the world which are on my TBR list for this #BlogchatterAtoZ. So guys, if you are bibliophile and storylover, please stay tuned this blog feed and enjoy my previews about these 26 short story collections in April A to Z Challenge 2018.


Linking it to #BlogchatterAtoZ.

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13 thoughts on “Kathakaḥ… #BlogchatterAtoZ Theme Reveal 2018

  1. Time constraint doesn’t allow me the ‘now luxury’ of reading books, which I loved more than anything in life. But glad to see my A-Z will introduce some wonderful stories from varied authors. Looking forward to it. Good Luck.

  2. Will sure to come back here everyday for entire month of April to read the stories. Wishing you all the best for the challenge.

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