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Reflecting on April A to Z 2018 – #BlogchatterA2Z

IMG_20140310_112113Hey guys, last two days you didn’t see me introducing any more author to you. I took these two days to recollect what entire month has offered me as a blogger, writer and most importantly as a bibliophile, a reader. It would not be a lie if I tell you that many of the authors I introduced you through my series ‘Kathaka’, were unknown names for me before I chose this theme. However, this entire month widened my eyes made me read about these 26 fabulous storytellers. Their lives, their style of writing, the time and place they lived in or living in. It was a wonderful journey to know a bit about all of these men and women. I am really looking forward to starting reading the books I mentioned. I wish for this TBR A to Z will become Book Review A to Z for 2019 challenge.

Time flies!!! This is what we all say every now and then; expresses our inability to keep track of the time when we are keeping a busy schedule, maintaining a balance of work, life, hobby and fun. This year’s April A to Z was the same experience for me. Constant juggle between tasks at work and a daily blog post schedule is a demanding routine. Thanks to the Sunday breaks, I was able to finish the Z post on the 30th of April as Sundays acted as a buffer when I missed a day to post. I am sure I would have left if just after the first week if my fantastic support network of Blogchatter wouldn’t be there. Their constant care, support and sharing what kept me going till Z post.

However, I am way behind in reading the amazing works produced by my fellow bloggers from our lovely community, I hope I will be able to catch up with all of their readings soon. Anagha’s ‘Sun Kissed & Minty Fresh… Life!’, People whom Trina met, Shalini’s kitchen stories with lots of olive green in them and Akshata’s “A slice of life through Myra’s eyes” were some of my favorites of these seasons. Yes, I am guilty as charged for not finishing all of their posts but the moments which I spent on these pages, they were satisfying. I seriously hope that my posts would have brought the same smile of satisfaction on at least one face.

If I compare this second year with 2017, which was my first attempt at any daily blogging challenge, I was a bit more prepared. However, as soon as we went in for the first few days, reality hit me hard. Having just a list of the authors and the book title by them is not enough. Reading about every writer’s life, their writing style, time and place they lived and then knowing about the book I chose was a task indeed. Thanks to Uncle Google I could get through it!!! For 2019, I think I should be more prepared for the research. Overall, it was a great experience to be part of this amazing journey. Once again, I would like to thank the entire Blogchatter team and our wonderful community. Hope you all will keep writing and spreading the love. See you soon.

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5 thoughts on “Reflecting on April A to Z 2018 – #BlogchatterA2Z

  1. Thx a ton for the mention Adi it was unexpected and no doubt very pleasant. I couldn’t read many of your posts but it was great connecting once again through this challenge

  2. The A to Z Challenge can be such a pleasurable activity. Your choice of topic seems interesting, indeed! Here’s to many more such pieces of writing.
    #DeepTiesWrites #MyFriendAlexa

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