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I woke up from a sound sleep and got done with my workout, but in the meantime, the top story said ‘For tax relief, you need proof of rent paid to kin’, and ‘Gujrat girl with 80% vision loss makes it to IIM’. I continued with my routine, I sat for breakfast before I left for the office, and in the meantime ‘Some more trees lost their place on Aundh road, Pune. 2 are dead as husband opens fire in California class.’ While I got ready for office and reach the office, ‘Deepika had wawed in monochrome look and Salman had voiced for Lord Hanuman’. Everyone is curious if ‘PC hits Zac Efron’s India visit or not?’, but I was busy with my daily office work. Every day, I need to achieve my targets, set for that day.

Meanwhile, in our country, ‘16 political parties felt the need to bring ballot papers back in the system. And Hasina rejects Mamata’s plan being stubborn on Teesta’ as my work continued until we had a lunch break. We had good laugh at lunch table amongst all of us who work at my office and head back to work. In the meantime, ‘Army is on the lookout for more personnel to protect installations’. When I was putting my brain to work while struggling with sleep in the afternoon, ‘transgender community of the city look forward to inclusivity and Deccan College starts a course in research methodology.’

Coffee came to rescue me when I was about to sleep at the desk and that its smell brought freshness. In the meantime, ‘4 years old loses his life because of illegal school van and expert feels a need of umbrella agency to regulate higher education.’ By the time I wound up and head home from the office, people were ready for a party. ‘Kareena Kapoor’s backless top is hot for some people, while others think about Barbie’s Malibu mansion.’ As the evening gets older, I am hanging out with friends but in the meantime, photos of bikini-clad Miss Universe India, Sunny Leone, and Noyonita Lodh are sizzling the minds of people. My day ended with simple, lite dinner and a nice book for a night read. I hit the bed and sleep. In the meantime, I am sure there are 1000 things must have happened. So guys, what happened in the meantime when you went through your day?


I thank Time of India to make my morning interesting enough so that I can write this article. I am participating in A to Z challenge with Blogchatter and this is my take on day 9 challenge. “In the meantime”

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