I am Sherlocked

Sherlock Holmes in a 1904 illustration by Sidney Paget.

Elementary Watson, Elementary. The very catchphrase of Sherlock when it comes to his methods of deductions. But I have to credit my fascination for the 221B Baker Street to the creator of भा रा भागवत (B R Bhagwat), creator of amazing character of Faster Fene. He had done a great job of bringing this legend of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in Marathi. He had published set of 6 books of Sherlock short stories in Marathi. It used to be a great achievement to get your own entire book set for me when I was in school. You have to work hard to get that set in your hands.

After one of the hard work, I was gifted with this set which covered all the classics from hound of the Baskervilles, the adventure of spotted tie, six Napoleons, the red-headed league and much more. I still have that set of books with me. I like to visit those Marathi stories even if now I have read the original works of Sir Arthur. The Very first story of ‘A study in Scarlet’ takes you to 221B Baker Street and you rarely come out of that place ever in your life. I think this is the only work of fiction which had made such a huge impact and the property at the real address is dedicated to Mr. Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective with the blue plaque by London officials. Whenever I will visit the city of London, maybe I won’t visit the Parliament or London Bridge. Madame Tussaud’s, London will also be down on the list. But 221B Baker Street is going to be the place which will not be missed in the trip.

Jeremy Brett as Sherlock and David Burke as Dr. Watson

It is very rare for me to like adaptations of books as film or TV series. But by this date, Sherlock have never failed in any form. Let it be 1984 TV series of classic cases based on work of Sir Arthur by Jeremy Brett (Sherlock) and David Burke (Dr. Watson) or modern reimaginations of classics in form of two classic films from recent years by Robert Downey Jr. (Sherlock)  and Jude Law (Dr. Watson). And current TV series of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman takes it to another level by bringing Sherlock in this 21st century. Obviously, to bring HIM in this century, stories are tweaked and twisted but the essence of Sir Arthur’s work is preserved. I am all excited for its new season which will be released in 2018. Maybe for next A to Z challenge, I will write about it.

Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law
BBC Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch

When I was going through web pages about this legend, I stumbled upon the treasure of old films of Sherlock stories by Basil Rathbone and a comic take on Sherlock in form of spoof short film by John Cleese. I am now on the hunt of these films so can get more dose of Sherlock in my blood.


I am participating in A to Z challenge with Blogchatter and this is my take on day 19 challenge. “I am Sherlocked”. You can find my other posts from this challenge here.


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Ruskin’s Rusty

Ever since I took my first dive in English literature, Ruskin Bond has been my one of the favorite author. His stories have fascinated me since my first read. I don’t know how many times I have reread them. But for some reason, Ruskin’s Rusty always have dodged me. It’s not the case that I didn’t get a chance to buy it before or it was out of print. When your bestie is with you and you both are very crazy about books, some things just click. I know one should not judge a book by its cover but guys, this edition of “The room on the roof” is so irresistible with a fabulous watercolor cover which you can’t just ignore and move on. We both bought it. That day, I changed my topic for ‘R’ of this A to Z challenge. It can’t be anything other than “Ruskin’s Rusty”

Just like any other Ruskin Bond book, it doesn’t let you leave the book without finishing the story. Or should I say, just like this book his all other stories hold you until you finish the reading? This is the first book Ruskin ever wrote. My copy being the special edition for the 60th anniversary of this award-winning book. It comes with a bonus of introduction by Tom Alter, and Ruskin’s special preface telling us the story covering the time past 60 years of this book. Eye catching water-color illustrations by Gunjan Ahlawat comes with the classic words of Ruskin as the special feature of this special edition.

As this is the first novel in the Rusty series, It introduces us to an Anglo-Indian boy from his late teens living his unhappy life with his stern guardian, who elopes the house of his guardian to live among his friends from the town of Dehra. It is fascinating to read how life can take turns so dramatically without giving any signs for the same. One fine day, Rusty is with his friends enjoying the hustle of bazaar, enjoying baths on the common tank in the town, eating chaats with his buddies, and then one by one, his well-wisher walk on different paths of their lives. To know what happens when lonely Rusty takes decision to leave Dehra for England, you better grab your copy. I am sure you won’t leave it until you get the answer of this question.

You can grab your copy at



And a bookstore near you


I am participating in A to Z challenge with Blogchatter and this is my take on day 18 challenge. “R is about Ruskin’s Rusty”


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In the meantime

I woke up from a sound sleep and got done with my workout, but in the meantime, the top story said ‘For tax relief, you need proof of rent paid to kin’, and ‘Gujrat girl with 80% vision loss makes it to IIM’. I continued with my routine, I sat for breakfast before I left for the office, and in the meantime ‘Some more trees lost their place on Aundh road, Pune. 2 are dead as husband opens fire in California class.’ While I got ready for office and reach the office, ‘Deepika had wawed in monochrome look and Salman had voiced for Lord Hanuman’. Everyone is curious if ‘PC hits Zac Efron’s India visit or not?’, but I was busy with my daily office work. Every day, I need to achieve my targets, set for that day.

Meanwhile, in our country, ‘16 political parties felt the need to bring ballot papers back in the system. And Hasina rejects Mamata’s plan being stubborn on Teesta’ as my work continued until we had a lunch break. We had good laugh at lunch table amongst all of us who work at my office and head back to work. In the meantime, ‘Army is on the lookout for more personnel to protect installations’. When I was putting my brain to work while struggling with sleep in the afternoon, ‘transgender community of the city look forward to inclusivity and Deccan College starts a course in research methodology.’

Coffee came to rescue me when I was about to sleep at the desk and that its smell brought freshness. In the meantime, ‘4 years old loses his life because of illegal school van and expert feels a need of umbrella agency to regulate higher education.’ By the time I wound up and head home from the office, people were ready for a party. ‘Kareena Kapoor’s backless top is hot for some people, while others think about Barbie’s Malibu mansion.’ As the evening gets older, I am hanging out with friends but in the meantime, photos of bikini-clad Miss Universe India, Sunny Leone, and Noyonita Lodh are sizzling the minds of people. My day ended with simple, lite dinner and a nice book for a night read. I hit the bed and sleep. In the meantime, I am sure there are 1000 things must have happened. So guys, what happened in the meantime when you went through your day?


I thank Time of India to make my morning interesting enough so that I can write this article. I am participating in A to Z challenge with Blogchatter and this is my take on day 9 challenge. “In the meantime”

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Story about him, about her

Blue grass and Fireflies by Pascal Campion

This is the story about him, about her
They found solace with life, running faster.
They walked down to the park ..,
On the busiest street of New York!
It was the starry night and a clear sky
They laid on the grass without being coy!
Air was dry, and breeze was cold,
Hours just passed by,
But it was never too old!
Star rose and moved along their eyes …
Time flew by, words and hands were held tight !!!
A moment and the star breaks loose,
The wish of togetherness “they don’t want to lose ..! ”
Singleton is always incomplete
Just like yin and yang
The moment when they first met …
When bells did ring!
Violins joined in, playing the Romantic tune,
They swore to be there, and love till the moon (and back !)
The starry night was special .. time …
When they always said
You are mine
Years passed …
And stargaze became the celebration
They enjoy the journey
But they never worry about the destination !!!


I am participating in A to Z challenge with Blogchatter and this is my take on day 8 challenge. “Him and Her”

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The game is on

We wound up the table very late last night,

Just like every day, it was a draw,

You and me, we have been playing for years.

It’s the game of chess.

Today, we woke up early morning, like everyday routine.

I finished my chores and started setting up our station,

In the gallery, overlooking beautiful garden,

You went into the kitchen after finishing your bath,

And your coffee ritual started, as precise as math.

I pulled the table, and spread the tablecloth,

Board is opened and pieces are ready to march on the path.

Now I wait for you, with kitchen music as background score.

Amazing aroma fills the air, which fresh brew of coffee has kept in its store.

You join on the table, settled in your chair.

Board is observed with eyes which are steady.

I offered you to start when you are ready.

The first move is made, and the race starts.

Our minds are focused and the game is on….


I am participating in A to Z challenge with Blogchatter and this is my take on day 7 challenge. “Game is on”

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F is for factless forwards

Years before, it was all about handwritten letters and posts. Ever since we could manage to pull off the trick of the internet, We keep losing the skills and techniques of writing letters to the loved ones till we reached the era of instant messaging apps. When it was just the start of the internet we invented an e-mail. Everyone was amazed and ready to try new technology. Soon it overtook the traditional postage system and entered the demon of forwards in the web. For sure demon must have entered in a disguise of pictures of cute babies, beautiful sceneries, amazing places around the globe, and what not. That little forward arrow on every email window kept pulling the recipients to click on it and forward the e-mail. Remember we used to get those random postcards in the name of gods or goddess, which one has to be sent to 108 people without breaking the chain? They had those “do this otherwise…..” curses and bad luck showers mentioned at the end. This demon in disguise didn’t need them. We readily forwarded the emails and spammed our friends and families.

Soon we witnessed the revolutionary development in our mobile phones and demon smiled cunningly. We, humans, are very enthusiast about keeping ourselves up to date. We promptly switched to smartphones ditching our old handsets. Now we could constantly be in touch with our friends, family, love and to the world. The invention of Facebook, Twitter and other social media had made us global citizen even if we are sitting in a small village in interiors of India. The demon had now equipped himself with video clips which everyone would love to laugh on and send across with their free wifi plans. Soon the demon realized that we just keep spreading the things which we receive and move on. He started to shed his disguise. Soon he took over the consciences of society and forwarding action became mechanical. We stopped thinking about what are we reading and watching. We started accepting what mass is saying.

We don’t bother to do simple fact-checks before forwarding. Just to give you an example, UNESCO has been awarding Indian national anthem as “best in the the world” every year since 5-6 years. As if every year, some 10-15 new nations came into existence, or we destroy a bunch of them from the map. and there are new anthems every year to have competition. I have lost the count for how many times, Earth had been hit by cosmic rays and NASA had issued warnings of keeping our cell phones off. Forwarding anything without thinking anything about fact-checks has become the trend. It’s really sad that such forwards have been accepted as news sources. Things are becoming frustrating. Forwards are spreading like haywire.

Demon soon started offering his services to anti-social elements or someone who just want to sit and have a fun watching the panic in people his roomer have spread. I am really saddened by the way we behaved in the time of recent social conflicts and riots in Nashik, Maharashtra. If some incident happened in one village, it used to get blown out of proportion and roomers were spreading in the entire district even before the incident got reported to the police. It’s sad that authorities have to shut down the internet connections in the district for almost a week.

We just can’t stop forwarding things. We really should have some self-control on such forwardings. I am not blaming habit of spreading the knowledge or sending some nice words to each other, but my only request is guys if you read something and wish to forward it to someone for any reason, you just take a breath, think before hitting that arrow, does this really make any sense? Think rationally about it. If you get the affirmative signal from your brain then and then only send it across. It will really reduce hate, frustration, and anger from our society.


I am participating in A to Z challenge with Blogchatter and this is my take on day 6 challenge. “F for Forwards”

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