Guest Post #1 – Looking Through My Glasses – Disha Prashant

DP 20171203_191722Hey guys,

Here I present you the amazing Disha Prashant as my first guest writer for Adi’s Journal. Disha and my friendship is very modern “Internet Era” friendship as we have met only couple of times. But, the bond we share is cemented with our love for books and the virtual cups of Hot Cocoa we shared when we read at late night. I kind of owe the success of Adi’s Journal to Disha as she is the one who trusted me and asked me to keep writing in English. The next text you read will be written by her. Over to you Disha.



Photo by Disha Prashant

Hola Amigos!! The weekend is almost about to end but since it’s December the entire month seems to be weekend. So here’s to the weekend where in I got an opportunity to interact with all of you through my best friend Adi’s blog. Today I will share insights about my feature write ups and venturing into book blogging. Me and Adi have known each other for long and it is indeed a pleasure to write for his blog.

Working in the field of journalism I secretly wished to try my luck at feature writing for that is where my soul longed to be. The best thing about feature write ups is that you can put your heart and soul into what you write irrespective of any unknown being judgemental about it. To precisely define it, feature is your perception about things that make you happy, it is about sharing things that would make someone smile or help them into exploring a jazz chapter of their life.

Thanks to a friend from a newspaper I got this opportunity of writing features for a newspaper and there began a journey for which I had booked my tickets way back (P.S… A lot of waiting you see). What made me happy while writing these features was I met many people belonging to different fields, hailing from different countries, liking different genres and creating a story of their own thereby making this planet a better place to live.

I came across numerous topics and places which I assumed only existed in dreams and were able to explore them by myself. Writing features not just gave me an identity but it also brought me closer to an altogether unique world of infinite possibilities.

Walking on unknown paths brings you closer to lovable oblivion as you come back with hands full of little treasures. I was never into reading books as such, rather I ran away from bookstores. A chance meeting with an old friend and the book stars collided. He gave me my first book to read and insisted on reading it. I was not so keen on reading it but then things never go as planned and this time I was glad they didn’t. That one book came like a wild drug and I took a deep plunge into the enigmatic world of books.

Venturing into book blogging was never on the agenda. However after reading a book I wanted to share all the stories, the excitement, the suspense and a lot more bookish masala to share with fellow readers but failed at finding such company. And again the book fairy struck me and I chanced upon meeting people who were in love with books just the way I am. Adi was that first friend with whom I shared a bookish relation.

It was this friendship that triggered me into writing book reviews and blog them on my page. So far the journey has been a roller-coaster ride and fingers crossed hope it stays like that. Thank you Adi for believing in me and giving me this opportunity to write for your blog. Awaiting more such opportunities. Till then love you beloved bibliophiles…. HAPPY READING… Signing off LAZY LIZZIE TALES.