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Diwali :- Festival of lights….

Hallo friends… Adi here once again came with new article…
We celebrated biggest festival of India. Its Diwali……. The festival of lights and prosperity. Basic aim to celebrate this festival is to get together and share thought, enjoy some good time wid all relatives along with enjoying gr8 food and fireworks. Good food and fireworks are means of enjoyment not the basic aim to celebrate Diwali. Now a days we just focus on wasting money in creating noise and smoke and destroying environment. I don’t want to say that at time of diwali only these fireworks creates problem, but at time of 31st Dec. as well as at time of Olympic Games or such big functions they create lot of pollution. But all world just say that Diwali creates such problems. I know that there is problem of global warming, and we have moral responsibility to reduce pollution. At least we can decide that we will celebrate Diwali with crackers going high in sky so there will not be pollution near to ground and we can take healthy breath.
Now a days there is lot of awakening in people about this issue. Many NGOs are working regarding this topic and they had some success. But there is lot of more scope for mare awakening. Hope we will be able to lift this issue world wide and will help our mother earth.
I hope from nest year we will celebrate Diwali with lights not with crackers…

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