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Its been long time for all of us to know Shantanu Moitra as renowned music composer, in Bollywood and his other non-Bollywood projects like Abke Saawan, Coke Studio, Dewarists but if you really want to get look at all the shades and colours of this multi-faceted humble human being, just go and grab your copy of his memoirs “On the wings of music”.

As we expect, memories about music is the main content of the book but the narration of those memories enlightens the shades of great artists in the music world; the human being side. Good thought, some good values for life, some lessons for your career can come in any shape and size is the underline everywhere. Shantanu underlines to be alert to grab all those small drop of nectar of life instantly as you see them.

His love for mountains is weaved so elegantly in between memories of music that makes the collection so mystic that we keep turning pages with glimpse of those magnificent mountains and tunes of his compositions playing in our mind. He takes us to meet good souls chasing their dreams of their life.

Most elaborated memories among all is obviously about his flagship in the industry Parineeta. He takes us all on that enchanting journey of aspirations of young minds to create the masterpiece musical based on Bengali Classic of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. Holding our hand he keeps on taking strolls down the memory lane showing hidden gems of the classic.

His cooking adventures, his relations with majestic poets Gulzar saab and Javed ji, his meeting with fellow mountain lover Krushnaa Patil, his days from advertising industry and so many other memories stops you from putting the book down easily. Just get your copy and dive in the pool of memories with him.

Name of Book: On the wings of music

Author: Shantanu Moitra with Aruna Chakravarti

Publisher: Harper Collins

Publication year: 2014

Pages: 152

ISBN – 10: 9351365042

ISBN – 13: 9789351365044

Price: ₹ 325

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