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Some books indeed get published with that one quality which stops you putting that book down once you turned its first page. Some days back I came across one such book in Marathi. Title of the book was fascinating in itself. ” फुले आणि दगड” speaks loudly contradictions in qualities possessed by people around us. This is a collection of stories written by वि. स. खांडेकर, V. S. Khandekar who is reknowned for his remarkable novel ययाती  based on story of Yayati Devayani from Indian Mythology.

But here in this book he takes us on the journey of Maharashtrian village life in the decade of 1940s. On the backdrop of rural and somewhat urban lives of that time, these stories make us spend some time with those characters. Very first story talks about the doctor who took his Hippocratic Oath quite seriously and sets up his clinic in village instead of earning big sums in city. Where he finds himself got injected with some ego, feeling he is only one who cares for people while other don’t even care to take note of one’s wellbeing. He got himself dose of reality by unexpected letter from long gone guy from his village.

Where in some other stories he makes a strong statement about transitions coming in society through some awareness about family planning, while somewhere he portrays how one keeps boasting one good deed of life but keep acting contradictory to that for his entire life.

Such wide range of topics handles in the book makes it very interesting and hard to put down once you start. Even there is gap of timeline of book and us we can relate to them on grounds of human nature of characters. Just grab the book and go on the journey of life in 40s.

Name of the book: फुले आणि दगड (Fule ani Dagad)

Auther: V. S. Khandekar

Publisher: Mehta Publications.

Publication Year: 1944

Reprint: March 2014

Pages: 128

ISBN: 81-7161-565-1

Price: ₹ 100/-

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