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C has to be for Coffee

Love for Coffee

When your social media bio says “coffee, camera, ink-pen and me” you can’t write anything but coffee as your article about ‘C for….’ on day 3 of A to Z challenge. Hell yeah, I am caffeine addict without withdrawal syndromes 😉 😛 Once you wake up in the morning, it’s almost heaven when you smell the roasted beans you put in for a fresh brew. As soon as that aroma hits your nose, your brain feels happy. This is so powerful, it even keeps the deadly ‘Monday Blues’ at bay. For years this has been my morning freshness trick. But I recently came to know about the science behind it. Thanks to this same A to Z challenge. It introduced me to amazing blogger, YouTuber Karnika Kapoor and she talked about Coffee and Climate Change in one of her video.

Coffee has been a major part of my life just like books. And the combination of an interesting book and cup of coffee is ultimate hit. And if it’s raining, I just love to pour myself a cup of hot and strong coffee, pick an interesting book (mostly it’s one of the rereads), and sit by the window enjoying words with this heavenly drink. While browsing things about coffee, I came across one amazing painting of old Turkish coffee shop created by Chevalier Auguste de Henikstein made in 1826.  

Interieur dun cafe Turc by Chevalier Auguste de Henikestein

I think ever since the first coffee shop opened, it was the center for community gatherings or place where friends can meet and have lengthy discussions. The tagline of widespread Indian café chain, Café Coffee Day is really true and very cleverly thought. “A lot can happen over a coffee” You may propose your love, you might sign the important business deal, or you can sit and chat for hours with your buddies. Even if you are alone, cafe never fails you. Constant hustle bustle keeps you company. For me cafés are the places of discovery of characters in my stories, even many of my stories are spun around coffee and cafes.

Coffee bearer by John Frederick Lewis

Nowadays, I am craving to do buddy reading of some interesting book sitting on a window ledge while it’s raining out and mugs full of hot coffees are adding more sparkle to the reading session. Will this wish get fulfilled in this rainy season?


I am participating in A to Z challenge with Blogchatter and this is my take on day 3 challenge. “C for Coffee”

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17 thoughts on “C has to be for Coffee

  1. I just read a C for Chai a few minutes earlier and now I get the asli one, the coffee 😀
    I’ve actually oscillated in my likes, you know? I was into tea, then coffee, then back to tea, then green teas… now back to coffee 😀

  2. If coffee be the elixir of life sip on!!! That’s my motto. Coffee is balm to my soul, my morning companion, my saviour at all times. Good one, fellow blogger!

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