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गांव चिमुकला एक चांगला, घरटी टुमदार,
बाजाराच्या रस्त्यावरती आंब्याचा पार.

Come to take a tour of our typical Indian village and village square life…

शुभ्र भीती

मला ना, पांढऱ्या शुभ्र कागदाची फार भीती वाटते.
भीती वाटते त्यावर पेन टेकवून पहिला काळा ठिपका उमटवायची.
काय म्हणताय का? मग या, ही पूर्ण कविता वाचा

I fear put a pen on plain white paper, I fear to put the first ink mark….

Why? read this post to know more…

प्रवास – A Journey

Non-stop journey is the only permanent truth about our life. Every passing moment changes our life. That change may be insignificant and minute which goes unregistered or it is massive which shifts our entire perspective. Journey started from the time of birth continues till the last breath. It’s wise to live every moment fully without getting bogged down under the fear of death. This thought gave birth to this poem.

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