Playback Queen – Asha Bhosle

I am sure, there won't be a single soul in India who doesn’t know the name of this playback queen. Asha Tai is ruling our minds ever since she recorded her first song. Record keepers must be tired of keeping the record of the sheer number of her songs. List of the languages in which... Continue Reading →

My prism

I had lost my precious prism, which, from a temple, I had stolen. Since then, Butterflies from my eyes flew off and they are gone, Dousing the sparkle on dewdrops that once brightly shone Now grass is just green and sky is a blue shallow, And my fellow humans had lost their rainbow glow. Yesterday,... Continue Reading →

O. P. Nayyar – Creator of melodies

'FM 101.4आकाशवाणीचे हे नाशिक केंद्र आहे, रात्रीचे ठीक ९-३० वाजलेत, थोड्याच वेळात प्रसारित करीत आहोत हिंदी चित्रपट गीतांचा कार्यक्रम.’ (FM 101.4, this is Nasik station of All India Radio, we  will broadcast program of Hindi film music shortly) When I was around 6-7 years, I used to keep track of time for this announcement. Recently... Continue Reading →

Starting a new

It has been days for me turning that page. I put the full stop on our relationship. You know how difficult it is to move on and starting a new life. When there is no further page to turn, you have to accept the end. We had such a good time together. But alas, the... Continue Reading →

Your move, Sir

Rakesh was sitting at the table of the title game for his Grandmaster title. The game was on, he and his opponent were confident and calm at the same time. He was all ready for this tough match. He had trained himself for such prestige matches ever since he had decided to dive in this... Continue Reading →

Let me go

Sameer was trying to get the task done. He has been struggling with this particular task since last morning. He was about to lose his calm if he couldn't crack this in next half hour. This was a really unusual thing as he was popular for figuring out the quick solutions about the task which... Continue Reading →

K for Kishore

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Kishore Kumar... Legend was born in Khandwa in the rainy month of August in Ganguly family with the name of Abhas Kumar Ganguly in 1929. It took 17 years for Abhas to become Kishore and start charming people of India with his voice. He got his first break in 1946... Continue Reading →

In just a moment

Busy street, office rush, they bumped, Eyes met, and chords struck, in just a moment. Overcast sky, air too humid, Clouds roared, Rains showered, and the air is cold, in just a moment. Lots of struggle, hours of work, Daily failure Simple bath and eureka cry, in just a moment. On your mark, Shot fired,... Continue Reading →

In the meantime

I woke up from a sound sleep and got done with my workout, but in the meantime, the top story said ‘For tax relief, you need proof of rent paid to kin’, and ‘Gujrat girl with 80% vision loss makes it to IIM’. I continued with my routine, I sat for breakfast before I left... Continue Reading →

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