Story about him, about her

This is the story about him, about her They found solace with life, running faster. They walked down to the park .., On the busiest street of New York! It was the starry night and a clear sky They laid on the grass without being coy! Air was dry, and breeze was cold, Hours just... Continue Reading →

The game is on

We wound up the table very late last night, Just like every day, it was a draw, You and me, we have been playing for years. It’s the game of chess. Today, we woke up early morning, like everyday routine. I finished my chores and started setting up our station, In the gallery, overlooking beautiful... Continue Reading →

F is for factless forwards

Years before, it was all about handwritten letters and posts. Ever since we could manage to pull off the trick of the internet, We keep losing the skills and techniques of writing letters to the loved ones till we reached the era of instant messaging apps. When it was just the start of the internet... Continue Reading →

On the trail of silver mist

It was rainy season and I was on my monsoon solo trip just like every year. It’s been a decade, I try to explore new mountain trails in every monsoon.  This year was not an exception for it. I packed my bags and moved out. Bookings in the forest bungalow were already arranged. It’s always... Continue Reading →

Deep down in a ditch

Deep down there, Between those two memories, That’s your place, Do you see it? Look closely, how cute is that little dimple on your cheek, Do you know, your smile gave it? Your precious specs, curtained those beautiful eyes behind, Trying not to give what’s on your mind, Do you think they succeed in it?... Continue Reading →

C has to be for Coffee

When your social media bio says “coffee, camera, ink-pen and me” you can’t write anything but coffee as your article about ‘C for….’ on day 3 of A to Z challenge. Hell yeah, I am caffeine addict without withdrawal syndromes 😉 😛 Once you wake up in the morning, it’s almost heaven when you smell... Continue Reading →

#AtoZChallenge – B for Books

It’s day two of A to Z challenge and alphabet of the day is B. There is no chance of me choosing anything but books for this letter. If you can’t find me working or sleeping, I must be engrossed in a book.I think it was summer vacation, and I was just browsing through the... Continue Reading →

#AtoZChallange – The Journey

Shrill horn was blown on time and she moved, slowly. I felt the initial jerk as her engine pulled the connected wagons. Slowly she was picking up the pace and I started looking out from the window. I started the journey to my hometown after almost one year. It was nothing but struggle since I... Continue Reading →

#AtoZChallange 2017 – Theme Reveal

  Hello fellow bloggers and my lovely readers, this year I am participating in #AtoZChallenge. It's about publishing posts daily based on the themes starting of containing English alphabets A to Z over the month of April, excluding Sundays. Before this challenge, I have never written anything having a deadline to complete and submit. As I am... Continue Reading →

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