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An Impulse – Best fuel for alluring creativity

I have been mulling over a thought since I drafted my first post of this blogging August Half Marathon a couple of weeks ago. I had written the first one easily and personally i feel it had turned out qite a nice piece. Since then, I had been pondering about what to write other 9 posts about before the time ends. However it felt like my mind was empty. I wasn’t ready to put my pen on the paper.

It was a constant thought running in back of my mind that I have to write 9 more posts. Today is the 4th day of the marathon and I have already lost almost all extra days which I had. With fait this background buzz, I was reading some document which needed my comments sitting at my office dest.

It was just like a flash

Suddenly it started raining. Not a drizzel which picked up a momentum later. It was like a sudden impluse just like a burst of creativity which has to come out in one form or the other. Afternoon was oddly on the hotter side and this splashing shower came down as a relief. A poem by Ba. Bha. Borkar aka Bakibaab came to my mind.

घन वरसे रे,
घन वरसे रे..
वरसे जलसर
आले सर सर.
मल्हारचे स्वरसे रे..

बा. भ. बोरकर

I couldn’t keep my eyes on the document anymore. A sudden urge to capture this moment came and grabbed my phone to record some clips of this pouring rain. I recorded a bit of it from a couple places from my office and stood by one of the windows to enjoy the rain.

I must have been there just about a minute. Suddenly, showers just stopped as if someone had turned off the tap in clouds. The whole thing could not have even lasted for 10 minutes.

As I am writing this post, clouds have parted clearing the space for the Sun to shining back. These sudden showers acted as a fuel for my creativity as I have gladly created a small reel for my instagram @adisjoural leaving me humming one more poem describing game of tags played by rain and sunshine during the month of Shravan from my childhood.

श्रावणमासी हर्ष मानसी हिरवळ दाटे चोहीकडे;
क्षणात येते सरसर शिरवे क्षणात फिरूनी ऊन पडे.

बालकवी (त्र्यंबक बापूजी ठोंबरे)

This post is a part of Blogchatter Half Marathon 2023. If you like to read more of my thoughts, please check this

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