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बखर – Chronicle of The Past: A Photo-series

Bhuleshwar, is a secluded hill temple dedicated to lord Shiva. It is considered that mythologically the temple is built by the Pandavas but historically it is renovated by Yadava kings around 1230 AD. Restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 were relaxed recently in Maharashtra and temples are now open. Hence, we took the opportunity to visit this temple on one of the last Sunday of November. The whole ambiance of the temple complex was serene. It had that cold calmness of classic Shiva temples which I notice in all of them, regardless of how big or small the temple is. This post is a photo-series of my experience in the temple.

Every wall and façade of the temple is ornamented with beautiful sculptures. Because of this, the temple is a treasure trove for art and photography enthusiast. Sadly, many of them were vandalized and broken. Even though, the light entering the complex was making a very peculiar angle enhancing the beauty of those broken sculptures. The whole setting with the light effects, shattered sculptures and that humid cold air in the temple sown the seed of this poem in my heart. It took me a week to bring it together in a form of a photo-series.

बखर – Chronicle of The Past

As the subject demands, it is yet another ‘black-n-white’ photo-series. This photo-series is very different than earlier two. It is accompanied by a poem. One stanza for each of the photos. Hope you will enjoy the series below.

Complete poem

मागची पाने उलटली वाचली तेव्हा बखर,
खंत थोडी वाटली मी टाकली जेव्हा नजर…
भंगल्या होत्या जरी का गौरवाच्या या खुणा,
आमुच्या रक्तात भिनली आजही त्यांची बखर…
जाऊनी गगनास भिडली गोपुरे आणि कळस,
गाजविले शौर्य आम्ही घोर हे झाले समर…
मारण्या आधी भरारी त्या उंच उंच अंबरी,
या भुईची वाटली मी एकदा घ्यावी खबर…
आदित्य साठे

From my earlier visit

I had visited the place once before, about 5 years ago. It was an amazing experience in itself. I could capture so many breath-taking photos of those gorgeous sculptures around the walls of this beautiful temple complex. I am adding few of those photos from my past visit for you guys, and I am sure you will enjoy them too.

As it is just about 45 km from Pune, on Pune – Solapur Highway, it is a one-day trip which will guaranty you the serenity, calmness, and spiritual connection. So, whenever you guys are down in Pune, or nearby city, do visit the temple.

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  1. The description is as breathtaking as the pictures. Made me want to visit as well. While I am not an ardent believer of idol worship, I will definitely be paying a visit to this mesmerising temple soon enough. Thank you for a picturesque presentation of it!

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