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अधीर मन

काजवे सभोवती लक्ष दिवे पेटले,
अंधारी रानातील वाटेवर पावले.

वाकुनी नभातूनी डोकावतो चांदवा,
चालली वनातूनी राधा बघ सुंदरा.

वाटेच्या शेवटास दूर डोंगरावरी,
राधेला भेटण्यास वाट पाहतो हरी…

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5 thoughts on “अधीर मन

  1. There’s an added beauty in poetries recited over the ones just written. Especially, when it comes to regional languages, poetry recital is a must. Though I only get a vague meaning of the poem, I could definitely enjoy the lyrical beauty of the language. Liked your recital. Would prefer having a translation of the poem.

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