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A table for two: Photo Series

Food and drinks have always been a major factors for people to have intimate one on one conversations. Relationships bloomed between friends, colleagues, partners and even formal business associates over a cup of coffee, shared plate of snacks or a couple of drinks. Amazing and cozy cafes and hotels around town help to create these experiences. I thought of sharing such cozy places through this photo series with the hashtag of #ATableForTwo. Hope you will enjoy these cozy corners and visit them to enjoy the vibe.

1. The Fat Labrador Cafe, Bavdhan, Pune

2. Chai Tapri, Thatte Nagar, Nashik

3. Tayo Cafe, Indore

4. Krozzon, Indore

5. The Farm Life – Cafe & Store, Off S B Road, Pune

6. Namgay Artisanal Brewery, Paro, Bhutan

7. Citrus Cafe, Lemon Tree Hotel, Siliguri

This series ignited a spark in one of my dear friend Deep Kandekar, who took some pictures following the same theme which she shared with me and allowed me to put them in front of you. So here is a couple of those pictures.

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Hope you enjoy my writings. Feel free to share, comment bellow.

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33 thoughts on “A table for two: Photo Series

    1. Thanks a lot!!! I am very happy that you enjoyed it. Series is going to continue, you can follow my Instagram handle if you like to check more options for “table for two”

  1. Wonderful photographs! Cafes are such an integral part – I feel – of meeting and bonding with friends. I have a regular “adda” where I hang out with my friends. Even the waiters know us by now!

    1. Yeah, that’s another way to look at cafes. Why don’t you start another photo series, “adda”. It will be interesting to enjoy that kind of vibe through photos too..

  2. Hi Aditya, before this pandemic, me and my husband used to go for weekly coffee dates and he’s the one who searches coffee table for two. Your collection reminded me of those days and waiting eagerly to be in normal atmosphere again.

  3. A table for two is indeed quite an interesting concept. But, for me, as a photography enthusiast, it’s the black & white perspective that lends more to the scene! It’s just brings out so much more and adds soul to the picture. It feels much more… right!

    Honestly, I feel we should appreciate more black & white photos rather than all of the photos with out-of-place filters! 😛 Thank you for these wonderful shots Adi!

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