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Nothing but Emotion Gatherer

Our heart is always filled with emotions. Sometimes we are really happy, someday we feel a bit deflated just like a flat tire. The sun may rise someday with a very sad and gloomy mood while the other day might feel elated. Our mind keeps playing tricks on us with all of these emotions.

As a creative soul, I nourish my creativity with a regular dosage of these emotions. I have been writing poetry for more than 15 years. Over the years, many people asked me if there’s a personal story behind every poem.

No, we are mere gatherers

So today, I will answer this question. There are poems which come out from a very personal space. But not every poem comes with a backstory. Not every love-poem is written for my girlfriend/partner and my heart is not broken for so many times to mach my ‘broken heart’ poetry. Many times, I draw inspiration from people around me. Sometimes I don’t even know them. A poem can come to me when I am sitting at a cafe and there’s a couple sharing a nice conversation over a cuppa. A thought can take root when I am in a garden where I see an old man brooding alone.

I find an abundance of emotions to gather all around me. Copious amounts of joy, plenty of happiness, tensions, anxiety and many more. However, I feel, sorrow is the strongest emotion we humans can feel. And it’s said many times that we poets carry a sadness deep down inside us.

केहते है, दर्द के बिना कविता पैदा नहीं होती।

With this thought, a Marathi poem came to me some days before, which talks about the relationship that poetry shares with sadness. May it be a personal emotion or it’s borrowed from someone else.

दुःख, भावना तशी अतिशय प्रभावशाली.
कधी स्वतः अनुभवलेली, कधी सभोवताली बघितलेली.
क्वचित पूर्ण गुरफटून टाकणारी, तर केव्हा अगदी नमुन्याला गोळा केलेली.
अनेक दुःखे हाताशी घेऊन आम्ही कवी,
गुंफतो कधी शब्द काही.
ते कागदावर उतरतात तेव्हा लेखणीतून उतरत नाही शाई,
उतरतात ते अश्रू, ओढून दुःखाची चादर काळी.
आजही, कढ अगदी दाटून आलाय,
बहुदा दुःख उतू जाणार थोडी.
कदाचित, आज कविता घडेल थोडी…

आदित्य साठे

हिंदी अनुवाद

दुख, वैसे तो बहोत प्रभावशाली भावना।
कभी खुद का अनुभव, तो फिर कभी कही देखा हुवा।
शायद पूरी तरह से गिरफ्त में लेती हुई, या कई बार, बस छू कर जाने वाली।
वैसे हम कवि लोग, अनगिनत दुख अपने बस्ते में लेके घूमते है,
कही किसी दिन लिख देते है कुछ शब्द।
जब वो कागज पे उतरते है तो स्याही नही,
आसू उतरते है, दुख की काली चादर लपेटे हुए।
आज भी, कूछ ज्यादा ही गहरा हो गया है,
शायद दुख उबल कर बह जाएगा।
शायद, आज थोड़ी कविता होगी…

आदित्य साठे

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  1. I find poetry one of the toughest genres to write. Though Marathi is very similar to Hindi, I understood some words, but if you add a translation, it would be good for viewers coming on your site, as many might not know Marathi. More power to poems and expressions.

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