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Writer’s block

There’s a moment in every writer’s life when he had the urge to write. Still, he or she feels empty. There are thoughts in mind, but they are not ready to come down on paper. Maybe because they are too random to link or develop further, or they are just too fast to catch hold of one and work on it. Recently I experienced one such block. Just a couple of days ago, when it was time to write something with the letter ‘u’. I definitely wanted to write. I was not at all ready to miss a day again in A to Z Challenge again.

A representation of writer’s block by Leonid Pastemark

I struggled with that block and Came out of it. Somehow I managed to put some thoughts about our fascinating mind. Isn’t it really cool, our mind plays games with us in terms of creativity. When we have that urge to write something or develop a story around a thought, it just denies you the capacity of to think about it. It will create a blockade around that thought so that you can’t access it. I think that’s what the writer’s block is. On the other hand, when you are not at all expecting anything creative to happen, you will manage to write an amazing piece of poetry.

Many people often taunt the writers saying “There is nothing like writer’s block. It’s just you trying to be lazy.” I know there are some great writer’s who had mastered their mind and they had command over a huge volume of vocabulary. They could write wonderful stories, songs or poems effortlessly. Saadat Hasan Manto has once said, “When the fountain pen is not in my hand, I’m just Saadat Hasan. A man who knows and is able to express little. It is the pen that transforms me into Manto.” But on the other hand, if you search on the internet you will find that number of renowned authors and songwriters have undergone through this phase in their career.

I think this whole writer’s block thing is about our state of mind. Many times our mind is pretty much preoccupied with numerous processes. Work pressure, family issues or may be some quarrels with your buddies over petty issues. You name it and it will be there bothering your mind at one time or the other. When you try to create with this backdrop of mind, it has to be tough. But it takes just one spark to break free from this block and get those creative juices flowing. Considering the writer’s blocks faced by the greats from the creed, our blocks are just small rocks. Let’s not worry about them, soon the river flowing within will cut through and the passage will be clear for the emotions to be penned. So keep calm, and create!!!


I am participating in A to Z challenge with Blogchatter and this is my take on day 23 challenge. W is for “Writer’s block. You can find my other posts from this challenge here.


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3 thoughts on “Writer’s block

  1. What a pick for letter W… Congo… Very well described… ? all d best,only 3 letters to go?

    1. Very true, I missed this point in my article. It’s really effective way. Just take a step back from writing and enjoy some other thing. may be music, or reading or cooking…

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