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Unstoppable you

master-your-mind.jpgWhen I decided to start writing about how the mind is unstoppable, my mind decided to hit me with this very same ability. Till now, I was totally clueless about what to write for today’s theme. It’s almost end of the day. Even if, it was an extremely busy day the office, back of the mind, I was trying to think about what to write about. Everything else was boiling up in the cauldron of my mind. It even crafted an amazing story idea which surely you all will love to read. But nothing was coming along and search for the theme of letter ‘u’ just went on.

At the end, I started typing random combinations of letters like ue, ur, ui, up on google to see if something hits and an idea will buzz out. When ‘un’ came along in the most random keyword typing, ‘unstoppable’ was the second google suggestion and my buddy kicked in. Series of combinations started happening, Unstoppable car, unstoppable human, unstoppable machines, unstoppable beast, “unstoppable mind”. It ranged the bell and I felt like some wrestler who had won a tiring multi-round match. It was decided, “unstoppable mind” is what I shall be writing about.

And starting from random keyword searching to arrival at the subject, this buddy did in less than a minute. In this minute, our this lightening fast buddy read at least 4 combinations of every keyword that I put in, checked if it can come with anything and moved on. Sometimes, I get scared by the sheer speed at which mind can drift to some other topics.

Even right now, when I am typing this, my mind is also thinking about the things to be done tomorrow. Isn’t it odd it’s even thinking about what will be the theme for ‘V’? So many thoughts just keep flashing in our mind. I am sure, at least half of them must be wasted because they go unregistered. I wonder how many great stories, how many amazing songs we have lost because of this unstoppability of our mind. One really need to practice to hold on to one thought.

I am sure all the poets out there have experienced it. They come up with a couple of lines for a poem. They love them so much and wanted to elaborate and create nice poem around that thought. But at the moment they are busy and couldn’t note that though. But by the time they manage to gather some free moments and think about it, puff… It’s gone. They can get the glimpse of it partially but the exact lines? Nah, they are missing, floating out there somewhere in our mind palace. Out of our sight.

But there is also a nice part for this ability to be unstoppable. You can imagine anything and create classic fictions. We couldn’t have invented so many things which make our life easier if the minds of their inventors would have stopped at some moment before they got this idea?

Whatever I am writing here is really ranting about this ability of nonstop thinking of our mind. Like I said at the start, I was clueless and by far I have managed to write this stuff in last 15 min. Isn’t this the greatness of this genius sitting inside everyone one of us? I pray, our mind will always be UNSTOPPABLE.


I am participating in A to Z challenge with Blogchatter and this is my take on day 21 challenge. “Unstoppable you. You can find my other posts from this challenge here.


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