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My whole day was busy in riding through the city traffic for work. My body was demanding it’s regular dose of caffeine badly. As I was approaching my favorite coffee shop in the city, I heard an amazing tune on ukulele coming from the cafe. That day, I saw how ‘joy’ looks like. His hands were moving swiftly on the ukulele’s strings. People had gathered around him and were drenched in a pure bliss of the music he played.

He was dressed like a perfect wanderer. He had a long beard, and his long hair were tied in a man bun. He was wearing a loose t-shirt and shorts.

That day, I understood what  ‘being high on music’ is. He was totally unaware about everyone being engrossed in his music. He didn’t bother about the applause and cheers he got.

I pulled up a chair near one empty table and joined the crowd. Soon the rhythm got into me and I began tapping my feet. I almost forgot about my body’s want for caffeine. His tempo was increasing every passing moment. Everyone was in a trance. Everyone’s mind got filled up completely with the nectar of happiness. His music reached the summit and he paused, against the wish of the wanderer inside him.

The crowd in the café cheered and applauded for the amazing atmosphere he created through his soulful music. A girl from the audience offered him a drink but he politely refused it.

He understood that it was now the time to put the ukulele in his bag and leave. Aloof from the overwhelming happiness he created for his audience, he turned his back to the crowd and set off on his path. Even though the music he created left a mark on people, Mr. Wanderer left creating some delicious ambiguity!

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8 thoughts on “Wanderer

  1. That’s why they say , a thing of beauty is a joy forever. The music he created so passionately touched you so deeply that it inspired you to write. Such a beautiful thought. imagine someone reading your post and picking up playing instruments . magical right?
    its amazing the power we have to change lives by even the smallest of gestures.. I am happy to experienced a moment of such happiness . Truly precious 🙂

  2. Anything that is done with passion for it is a thing of beauty! Wish we are all like Mr. Wanderer doing what we love and enjoying and also spreading some cheer around.

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