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Story of a boy fallen for forest beauty – Book intro

It takes some trigger to spark your love towards nature and greenery. For me, it was this particular book which I read way back in my 10th or 11th grade. Today I am introducing you all to our very own butterfly man of India, Dr. Krushnamegh Kunte and his book “एका रानवेड्याची शोधयात्रा”. It’s a story of finding his own passion and love for a forest and his journey to become a “child of forest”.


चाकोरीतल्या अपयशानं मुळीच खचून न जाता चाकोरीबाहेरचा छंद मनापासून जोपासणा-या एका पोरसवद्या तरुणानं लिहिलेलं हे पुस्तक म्हणजे निसर्गप्रेमाचा आगळा आविष्कार आहे. रसायनशास्त्राच्या महाविद्यालयीन परीक्षेत अनुत्तीर्ण झाल्यामुळे हाती आलेलं फावलं वर्ष मदुमलाईच्या जंगलात प्राणीनिरीक्षणात घालवण्याची संधी मिळाली आणि कृष्णमेघच्या मनात लहानपणापासूनच दडलेलं जंगलप्रेम उफाळून आलं. तो वर्षभर त्या जंगलात राहिला, पण एखाद्या ‘उप-या’ निरीक्षकासारखा नाही तर ख-याखु-या जंगलपुत्रासारखा राहिला. त्या जंगलातले हत्ती, रानगवे, रानकुत्री, अस्वलं यांच्यासारख्या प्राण्यांचं मनमुक्त जीवन त्यानं एखाद्या सहनिवाशाच्या भूमिकेतून निरखलं – पारखलं. त्याच्या त्या शोधयात्रेत आलेल्या सुंदर, थरारक, रोमांचक अनुभवांचं हे नितळ पारदर्शी संकलन म्हणजे जंगलरसात न्हाऊन निघालेलं आणि वाचकांनाही रानवेडाची दीक्षा देणारं ‘मदुमलाई सूक्त’ आहे. काही पुस्तकं निव्वळ वाचायची नसतात, तर अनुभवायची असतात. मदुमलाईच्या जंगलातला एक तरुणप्रसन्न जीवनानुभव त्यातल्या सा-या चढउतारांसह, रौद्रथरारांसह आणून देणारं हे उत्कट पुस्तक असंच ‘अनुभवण्याजोगं’ पुस्तक आहे… कृष्णमेघ जेथे रमला त्या ‘मदुमलाई’च्या प्रेमात पाडणारं…

Exciting times in rainforest of Madumalai:

Book takes you on his journey in the forest of Madumalai during the gap year during his graduation studies in Chemistry. Krushnamegh was very fond of forests from his childhood but this journey proved vital and pathfinder for his future of becoming an eminent scientist working on the butterflies of India. He has written a book in a fantastic style which holds you till you finish it. Book is full of stories about rich and diverse flora and fauna, a variety of birds, and the roaring Moyar river during monsoon. Krushnamegh has also included his encounters with magnificent beasts, elephants, of Madumalai named Kudkomban and Dada, his long tiring journey when he was on track of a pack of wild dogs along with stories of the notorious smuggler Virappan.

This book is just a glimpse of what Madumalai and other rich vibrant forests of India has to offer for someone who loves nature. If you want to make up your mind about visiting such forests, this book will be the catalyst in finalizing your dates. 

About the book:

Title: एका रानवेड्याची शोधयात्रा

Paperback Publisher:  Rajhans Prakashan

ISBN: 8174348034

Where to buy:

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  1. This looks like an interesting book. Is it available in English? It is the kind of book my daughter liked to read.

  2. Will buy a copy for my son, he is someone who enjoys wildlife and jungles, is ready for a visit to a wildlife sanctuary, books like these will help him appreciate the flora, fauna and wildlife an their contributions to mother earth..

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