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Qila Mubarak – Standing Witness of the History

Historically known as a Tabar-e-Hind (Gateway of India), Bathinda is one of the most thriving vibrant cities of Punjab. There are many lakes in the city. Because of them the city got the identity as the ‘city of lakes’. Today we are traveling to Bathinda to see one magnificent monument of national importance. This city bears witness to the long history of this country and 1600 year old Qila Mubarak stands guarding the gate. 

Through the history book of Qila Mubarak

In the 3rd century, a Rajput clan of Bhattis settled in the sandy region of Bathinda. Rao Bhatti laid the foundation of the city along with a city of Bhatner in Rajasthan. People believe that both of the cities were founded around the same time. Power over Qila Mubarak and Bathinda kept changing hands between different Rajput clans. Qila is situated on Lahore –  Delhi route. Because of this position, the fort became strategically and commercially important.

During reign of Chauhans, this fort in Bathinda acted as a border post. It was the centre of actions when Muhammad Ghori attacked. After the defeat of Prithviraj Chauhan in the second battle of Tarain, Qila Mubarak was under the control of the Ghurid dynasty. When the Delhi Sultanate came in power as a successor to Indian region of the Ghurid empire, Qila Mubarak came under their control. Conspirators captured and dethroned the first female ruler of Delhi sultanate, Razia Sultan, at this fort.

Guru Nanak Dev, Guru Teg Bahadur and Guru Gobind Singh visited this fort during their times. 

The present day sight

Today, we can see outer walls which have been standing tall for the past 1600 years. The fort covers a vast area. There are pathways and lawns within the walls. It has 36 battlements in these huge 118 ft brick walls. Main building of the Fort is still in pretty good condition. This was the place of king’s common meetings. Fort houses Gurdwara Qila Mubarak Sahib. This fort is connected with three Gurus of Sikhism. Because of this, Sikhs around the globe reveres this Gurudwara. Maharaja Karam Singh built this Gurdwara in the fort. Qila also hosts four canons made up with an alloy of silver, gold, copper and iron. Babar had brought these canons with him when he came to India for the first time. Recently Archeological Survey of India completed the repairs after an extensive two year survey of the site done by Akal Society of America.

I am participating in the A2Z challenge with Blogchatter and this is my take on the ‘Q’ challenge. “Q is for the Qila Mubarak, Bathinda, Punjab”. You can find my other posts from this challenge here.

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