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Very Moving Tale of Partition – The Map & The Scissors

2022 is an important milestone for independent India. We are celebrating 75 years of our independence from the yoke of the British Empire. And yet, there is a frill of sorrow to this whole celebration and achievement. On the eve of our independence, our country broke and a new nation was born on our two sides. The Map and The Scissors by Amit Majumdar is the story of this partition and the men behind this.

Whole partition thing is so tragic that any book on the subject can turn into lament and bashing of the other side. However, Amit has traded this path so nicely that you never feel it has gone down that slippery slope.

Why you should read it?

The way Amit builds his characters has a very unique charm to it. You can see them come alive in front of you and start acting out the scenes he has written for them in his book. Secondly, Amit has rightly played on the middle ground and not taken any side. Both the sides are developed equally and got their dues. There no “Right Side” and “Wrong Side” in his book. He has dramatized the history in form of this historical fiction.

Frankly speaking, I was attracted to this book because of it’s title as I am a professional map-maker. And the fact that there’s a map on the cover sealed the deal for me. I loved the way Devangana Dash has designed this cover. Full marks to the design!

About the book

Title: The Map and The Scissors
Author: Amit Majumdar
Pages: 330
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd

My rating

Story: 4/5
Cover Design: 5/5

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Where to Buy

Should you read it?

If you are looking for unbiased story around partition of India, you should definitely consider this book as your next read.

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